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August, 2006 - Nr. 8


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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader

This beautiful summer I am having a hard time keeping my mind on work of any kind. It is the first time that I was tempted to say: to heck with the paper, I am going on vacation for the entire summer.

I guess I am becoming more and more Canadian after all these years. The beaches of Ontario are more than ever having a special fascination for me, and Lake Erie is close enough to my heart to remind me of the places of my birth and youth at the Baltic Sea. When it had sweltering 38 degrees here in Toronto in the beginning of August Lake Erie was the place to be. We stayed in Port Dover, in the lovely Selmer House, which offers all the comforts of home, and from there we go wherever we want, but mostly we drive to Long Point and sit on top of a white dune and let the wind waft through our hair. Caressed like that the waves sound like a thundering surf and the horizon is as far and unencumbered as if we were at the sea.

Still life with a cherryAt the beach I find the peace and space the city cannot give me.

A metropolis like Toronto has of course so much to offer all year round that the idea of not enough to do cannot even surface. Nevertheless, the heat in combination with the humidity will drive most of us that have a chance out of the city.

In this issue you can sample with us some of the delightful and interesting activities available. We will also introduce you to a new columnist, one who’s humour has gone to the dogs, or should I say, to his particular dog, one under fire…which prompted him to look at the world through other Hunnyeyes. "Pet-itorial" by David McKague will be of interest not only to dog owners, but to all that like to assume a different point of view in regards to life around us.

I must say that I have personally slept, yeah; you heard right, slept in the same bed with this ferocious beast and felt well loved and protected, never threatened!

We went to Kitchener for a board meeting of the German Canadian Congress and afterwards had la scrumptious lunch in the Concordia Club, which was followed by a first visit to the Concordia Farm. What a great place! There is a real communal feeling to it!

Meeting Jena ElfmanThe other event that I would like to draw your attention to, was an Exhibit of ABLE, the umbrella organisation that has solutions for all sorts of ailments in our society. That Jenna Elfman of Dharma and Greg fame was the keynote speaker was certainly a bonus.

And then there was the meeting with the von Trapp Children, who came to sing in Stratford. What a delight!

Look! Ladybugs!August has but a few community events to offer before we throw ourselves into the regular work schedule. I for my part hope that we have a very long summer. I would love to get to the beach a few more times.

As a city dweller I will certainly visit the CNE, which is promising a few new surprises this year. If you want to know more go to .

Stay well,

Until next time,

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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