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August, 2006 - Nr. 8


The Editor
Paul Bernhard Berghorn
Petition an Deutschkanadier
KW & Beyond
My Secret Fuel Saver
Dick reports...
Jenna Elfman Speaks Out
Jenna Elfman about Criminon
30 Human Rights Videos
Sybille reports
Ham Se det jehört?
Toronto Arts Awards
Beethoven Fest in Bonn
"The Ring" at CBC
IndieUNLIMITED at Harbourfront
Award Winning Artist
Centenary Music Invites
Canadian Blind Sailing Team
FIFA U-20 World Cup
Jan Fitschen Wins Gold
Germans & Washington, DC
"German Athens"
Old Economy Village
From Pork to Solar

My Secret Fuel Saver

   I would also like to share a secret with my readers & fans that drive cars. There is a fantastic new additive available that increases engine performance, ups the octane rating, reduces fuel consumption considerable, counters global warming, increases engine life and many other side benefits. If you are interested and want to know more about it, go to the website: - you will be amazed at the spectacular results and be able to fight back at the oil conglomerates!

E-mail us at: if you cannot find that website.

Dick Altermann

P.S.: Just ran across this report by an American TV station.

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