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September 2006 - Nr. 9


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Dick reports...

Dick Altermann at his computer

Wonderful music
at the Hansa Haus…

…and it was all played by girls! 26 neatly uniformed young ladies – "Der Mädchenmusikzug Neumünster" – cultural ambassadors from Germany - performed on stage for a house-full of appreciative guests – flawlessly and with almost military precision - I might add.

The arrival of Mädchen-Musikzug NeumünsterThey all hail from ‘Schleswig-Holstein’ in the north of Germany and are on their North American tour. The tour included visits to New York, Woodstown, Washington, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls – Getting organizedand a visit to the Amish – plus Toronto, where they performed at the Hansa Haus on Saturday evening (August 12th) and the Danube Swabian Club on Sunday afternoon.



Finally no fast foodIn the 40 years of the existence of this unique female brass band their travels have also taken them to Russia, China, Tunisia and many other places in Europe and around the world for over 2000 concerts.

On stage group shot

This is an extraordinary record indeed since the girls range in age from 11 to 27, and since 1983

The entourage

The introductionHans Georg Wolos has led the band through their large and remarkable repertoire, which includes marches, waltzes, polkas, pop, classical selections and music from films and musicals.

Talking to the girls and some of The awardsthe 24 groupies – or ‘Schlachtenbummler’ – that accompanied them, the consensus was that the food at the Hansa Haus was a far cry from the hot dogs and hamburgers they all had to often live on for most of their tour in America.

Picnic at the Hansa Haus

Hardly any empty seatsIt was an unusually cool day at the annual Hansa picnic. Instead of spreading out over the big lawn all the tables were hidden behind the old museum building. And still the wind was cold and cooled off the food a bit too quickly.

The always helpful volunteersThe Dynamic Duo now a Trio





Just wait a moment, it barely touched the grillOne had to eat swiftly to make it arrive warm in the tummy. However, that did not stop the guests from taking advantage of the camaraderie in meeting people and old acquaintances that Boe Hladysh, Sybille & Rainer Walter, Presidentone rarely meets, while having good food and drink at the same time. Everyone huddled as long as they were comfortable closely together.

Albert Dittgen, as always, the entertainerAlbert Dittgen – our incomparable house-band – tried his best to create a cheerful mood and succeeded pretty well with his accordion.

It was surprising to see so many people attend this picnic despite the threatening skies. At times it was Lots of play, lots of thirstalmost impossible to get a seat.

The ones who created warms by themselves were the youth playing games.


The young ones

Mothers and daughters

Tied up for the next game

Soccer enthusiasm spreads to the toys

The children's castle

The potato pancake specialistsOne of the guests mentioned that he waited all year for the wonderful potato pancakes and ate six of them and I could not stay away from them either. Perhaps the Hansa House could supply us with their recipe and then we would not have to wait all year.


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