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October 2006 - Nr. 10


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Opera York's 10th Season
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Ham Se det jehört?
Baden-Wuerttemberg meets Ontario
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Romancing the Rhine

Letter to the Editor:

re: Petitorial

Hunny: "Throw the ball and I love you forever!"

Dear Echo Germanica

I usually pick up your paper while waiting to order at "European Meat" on Jutland in Etobicoke, and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed both articles - "Petitorial" by David McKague -, which dealt honestly with pit-bulls.

His first article was very similar to my own experience, as many years ago I "accidentally became an owner of a pit-bull" when I bought an "American Staffordshire Terrier".

I too found the pit-bull to be the best dog I have ever owned and I have had dogs since I was a small boy.

I too found the pit-bull had the most personality and was the most lovable and the most easy going with all four of our kids and their little friends who came to our house to play. The kids would jump on him and pull and tug, with absolutely no grumble or complaint by him, and certainly with more patience and tolerance than I would have had for the kids myself.

I have since been the owner of three pit-bulls, even giving one to my retired mum who lives on her own and which have become a great comfort and peace of mind to her.

Anyway, the last article about the McGuinty Government an Michael Byrant looking for cheap votes by discriminating against Pit-bulls, and in which David McKague provided not only sound arguments, but statistics to back it up, was first class journalism. Sadly good journalism is something lacking today with many air-heads and packed with mental parrots who clutter the mass media.

My only small grumble is that David McKague’s article did not always cite the source for the statistics he quoted, which weakens his argument and left his own points open to question.

That said, as a triple pit-bull owner, who would never have touched the breed because I too believed all the fear- and scaremongering in the media about pit-bulls, I have since found, by actual experience, that the pit-bulls I have owned and came in contact with, to be nothing more than a reflection to their owner.

If I may be bold and brazen enough to say, my pit-bulls were first class.

So I once again commend David Mckague on a great article, so well researched and from someone who has actually owned a Pit-bull and knows just what the hell he is talking about, unlike so many others.

By the way I am neither German or of German Heritage, but I enjoy reading your optimistic articles in the sea of doom and gloom.

Keep up the good work, and wunderbar!

Kesri Johnson, Etobicoke.


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