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November 2006 - Nr. 11


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Dick reports...

Dick Altermann at his computer

Frenesi at the Danube Swabians

The Swiss do not only export Swiss army knifes and watches. Recently we had the pleasure of another wonderful Swiss export at the Danube Swabian Club, Scarborough: The 23 years old "Orchestra Frenesi".

Orchestra Frenesi

Frenesi comes from the Spanish; the word ‘frantic’ is a close cousin.

But the music they entertained us with was anything but frantic.

Young Swiss musiciansThis little group of dedicated artists played music that was closer to baroque and medieval sounds, as well as a type of ‘Tafelmusik’ or chamber music.

The orchestra we enjoyed, consisted of 14 youngsters between the ages 13 to 18 and only the director Roland Fink is more mature and has a good grip on the performers without having to stand in front of the orchestra to direct it. Delightful repertoireHe sat on one side with his guitar and directed with simple hand movements that did not obstruct the audiences’ view of the performers. Very well done!

Their rich repertoire consisted mainly of European and South American tunes and since they do not have a drummer, the accordionist doubled as percussionist in the South Roland Fink (l.) receives a yearbook from Henry Betsch, President of the Danube Swabian Club ScarboroughAmerican selections that were performed.

The instruments were violins, cellos, double bass, recorders and bass recorders, that could be made to sound like pan flutes, concert flute and accordion; all played virtuously and at an advanced level.

"It was some of the most wonderful music I ever heard", said one of the guests after the performance. "I just closed my eyes and imagined a royal court with a monarch and his lady and the nobility and guests in their fineries, listening to the haunting sounds of the medieval type of the renditions – it was awesome!"

Flute sectionThese young musicians spend their vacations to go on trips around the world, after prolonged schooling and practising and are financing the tour on their own, often by working extra hours. Seven performances were planned for this Canadian tour.

Unfortunately the hall was not filled to capacity since it was a weekday and raining to boot. It must have discouraged some of the more mature guest that usually attend, from taking a trip to the club on this Wednesday evening.

One nice touch I should mention: Henry Betsch, the president of the club, presented one of the German Yearbooks from the Historical Society of Mecklenburg Upper Canada to the director Roland Fink when he welcomed the artists and the guests at the beginning of the concert.

Tapes and CD’s were also available for sale during the intermission and after the concert, at very reasonable prices. Too bad that so many guests had to miss this outstanding "Ohrenschmaus" of a performance.

Erdinger "Dunkel" now in Canada

This delicious brew is now available at the Esplanade Biermarkt and will soon arrive in other locations. An introduction to the "Casey’s" chain of restaurants was celebrated at the Front Street location in Toronto recently. Ana Marie Ludvik, PR and spokesperson for the Casey chain hosted it. The regular Erdinger Weissbier was served along with delicious hors de oeuvres and guitar entertainment by an accomplished musician.

Guy McClelland & Ana Marie Ludvik

"This is great beer", said one of the guests – "now I just discovered a new favourite". But that was also the consensus among many others that I spoke with, who praised its delightful tang.

You may remember that I reported on Erdinger Weissbier when it was first introduced at the Biermarkt, about a year ago. It is now selling quite well at the local beer stores and I can only recommend it to the lovers of great beer. Try it, you’ll like it!

I also tried the dark variety, mentioned above, and found it quite palatable. This could be a new favourite forGreat entertainment me as well.

Watch our paper for future announcements by Guy McClelland, the importer of this fine brew, who was responsible for the introduction at Casey’s Restaurant.

As always

Dick Altermann


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