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January, 2007 - Nr. 1


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André Rieu in Toronto

by Herwig Wandschneider

Herwig Wandschneider

The Christmas and New Years season is full of events and activities, impossible to attend even a reasonable fraction of them. But if you, like most people, need an uplifting event, you could either sing your heart out at the Sing-along Messiah at Massey Hall, or see Maestro André Rieu at the Rogers Centre. On Sunday, Dec 17 they happened to be at the same time.

Maestro André RieuTo escape the perpetual depressing events around the world, André Rieu gives you that positive fix. Dynamic, talented, always something new, and always full of energy and pleasant light-hearted fun and games, fully supported by his nearly 50-person Johann Strauß Orchestra, you come away feeling light-hearted and positive. The stage was seasonally decorated and the show was peppered with special presentations, opera stars, special instruments (including an anvil), special visual and audio effects and plenty of upbeat music and laughter. Not to forget the snow or the balloons sprayed over the audience. And yes, they do get you to dance in the isles. A crowd of 10,000 people   [photo: Ursel/Herwig Wandschneider]Fantastic showmanship, backed by incredible talent, organization and imagination.

The tickets are expensive, unless of course you get them for your birthday. But the event in December 2006 was nothing like the super show planned for 2007. You can already put the 2007 super-show on your wish-list for December 15, 2007 8pm at the Rogers Centre. At prices ranging from $85 to $125 and premium seating to $340 per person, you may have to pool the birthday and Christmas presents, however. Tickets are available now.

Of course, this will not be your usual event. For the theme "A Romantic Vienna Night" they promise to build Vienna palace and street scenes, skating rink with skating aces, bring horse and carriage, occupy the entire stadium and coordinate all of that to the music of Strauß’s Vienna. A once-in-a-lifetime venture, not likely to be ever seen again. Only the charismatic team of André Rieu and his Johann Strauß Orchestra and all of his support staff can pull this off. Worth it? You never know, unless you have been there. Keep an eye on his website agenda: and the upcoming advertisements.


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