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January, 2007 - Nr. 1


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10th K-W Christkindl Market

by Herwig Wandschneider

Herwig Wandschneider

Much has been said about the K-W Christkindl Market, its founder Tony Bergmeier, his team of Volunteers and the market’s history in our previous issue. (see

Toni BergmeierThe 10th anniversary was a jubilant celebration at which the volunteer committee and the City, led by mayor Carl Zehr, stopped just short of putting Tony Bergmeier on their shoulders during the Thursday, December 7 reception.

Toni Bergmeier (r.)  presents commemorative art to Mayor Carl Zehr (l.)   [photo: Ursel/Herwig Wandschneider]Appreciation was equally extended to Mayor Carl Zehr, the City Councillors and the sponsors for supporting the Christkindl Market throughout its 10-year history.

Mercedes & Phoenix Arn-Horn presentationA special feature of the reception was the musical presentation by Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn (the Arn-Horn Doppelgaengers), and a sumptuous sandwich and chocolates buffet, prepared by "Nougat Delicatessen" with Chocolates by the "Silver Spoon".

Even the tree is live, lit by 1,500 lights at nightThe highlight of the reception was the exchange of appreciation: from the City for Tony and Brigitte Bergmeier the choice of any performance at the Centre in the Square, and a CD of ChristmasPacked to the brim Carols dedicated to the Christkindl Market and Tony Bergmeier; for the City from the Christkindl Market Committee an artistic sculpture of City Hall with the Lots of interest in Christmas decorationsChristkindl Market Booths and the Christmas Tree in front of it; from the Committee to the Bergmeiers an all inclusive relaxing Bed and Breakfast Trip to the Shores of Lake Huron.

The Grand Symphonic Choir (conducted by Carl Zehr)   [photo: Ursel/Herwig Wandschneider]

103 year-old Elsie Hennig's wish comes true: to see and hear the Philharmonic Choir   [photo: Ursel/Herwig Wandschneider]The popularity of the Christkindl Market is not only reflected by its attendance records on even icy cold winter days, but also by the line-up of the many volunteers, Sponsors, performing groups and vendors. Carl Zehr conducts as Conductor Howard Dryck (r.) looks on   [photo: Ursel/Herwig Wandschneider]The latter two have such limited time and space to share respectively, that a waiting list developed for participation in future years. Who would have thought 10 years ago that the programme would include as volunteer performing groups the Grand Philharmonic Choir, Ursel Wandschneider, Toni Bergmeier & Howard Dyck discuss Christkindl 2007   [photo: Ursel/Herwig Wandschneider]St Mary’s Marien Chor, the Swiss Farmers Brass Band, the Golden Keys, the Arn-Horn Doppelgaengers, etcMayor Carl Zehr claims he was good all year   [photo: Ursel/Herwig Wandschneider] among the 25 performing groups? Who would have thought that buses would bring visitors from as far away as Texas?


A crowd of listeners on a beautiful Saturday morning   [photo: Ursel/Herwig Wandschneider]The crowd of listeners is behind me





Knecht Ruprecht with Kyra and Sascha Poddar   [photo: Ursel/Herwig Wandschneider]And what causes all of this is not money-grabbing commercialism, but the Spirit, the ambience of the coming of Christmas, the tradition, the wet eyes when the candlelight procession with Maria, Stars of the live nativity sceneJosef and the donkeys arrives, when the Hallelujah thunders from the stage, Knecht Ruprecht speaks with the angels, and 1500 bulbs suddenly light up the 40 foot high Christmas tree.

The Concordia School elvesWhen all of the performers dedicate their carols, poems and musical presentations to the spirit of Christmas, underlined by the background smells, tastes and sounds of a traditional celebrationToni Bergmeier & Ernst Friedel. It touches your heart, when dads take the hammer from their kids to show them how to build whatever Christmas theme or sculpture in the special children’s corner.


The many faces

Some of our readers Ulli Jeschke (r.) visits with his listeners
Our readers Ulli Jeschke (r.) visits with his listeners
Pastor Markus Brandt, his daughter, Monika Matthaes & Ursel Wandschneider
Pastor Markus Brandt, his daughter, Monika Matthaes & Ursel Wandschneider

The booths

Something sweet or chocolaty Delicious!
Something sweet or chocolaty Delicious!
Prepared by elves Mulled wine by the best
Prepared by elves Mulled wine by the best

Christmas decorations

A live blacksmithOr you smell the work of the blacksmith in the middle of the outside market. All of it thanks to the founder, Tony Bergmeier, who managed to maintain the spirit of Christmas in this 5-day celebration – keeping the Christkindl Market as an oasis in the middle of the devastating commercial humdrum in the malls and stores everywhere.


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