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In Grade 5?

  Ski and Ride for Free with the Grade 5 SnowPass!

Winter has finally arrived in Ontario and Quebec!

Great snow conditions all across Canada

There is still lots of winter left and what better way to enjoy the season, then out skiing and snowboarding at some of Canada’s great ski and snowboard areas!
And Grade 5’s can do it for free with the Grade 5 SnowPass! The Canadian Ski Council has been providing kids in grade 5 with free skiing and snowboarding for 10 years. This year we have already processed over 28,000 applications for the SnowPass program and we still have lots left, so apply today! Remember, there are still 2 to 3 months left of winter, so get outside and enjoy it!

These lucky 10 year old children from across Canada have the opportunity to ski or ride for free up to three times at each participating ski area in their region this winter and the SnowPass book also includes one day passes for next year, when the child is in Grade 6. For a list of participating ski areas, please visit

Since the Grade 5 SnowPass program began 10 years ago, nearly 300,000 kids have taken part. Each year the popularity of the program builds - after all, what child (or parent) wouldn’t jump at the chance for some free and exciting winter fun! One of the great things about the program is that it encourages children to stay active during the long Canadian winter. It’s also a wonderful way to introduce kids to the sport, as many resorts offer discounted lessons and rentals to SnowPass booklet holders.

"Skiing and snowboarding are excellent ways to get kids outside and active in winter," says Colin Chedore, President of the Canadian Ski Council (CSC). "Skiing and snowboarding healthy and fun outdoor activities, and what’s more, they’re family sports that everyone can enjoy."

Applications for the Canadian Ski Council’s Grade 5 SnowPass program are available online at, the newly redesigned SnowPass website. Once their application is processed by the CSC, children participating in the Grade 5 SnowPass program will receive a booklet that includes up to three ski-free coupons per ski area, and discounts on lessons and equipment rentals at participating ski areas. And remember, some participating areas also offer a bonus Grade 6 coupon that can be used next season.

Remember, this year anyone in grade 5 or born in 1996 can ski or ride for free!

The Canadian Ski Council was founded in 1977 to work on the behalf of the Canadian snowsports industry to increase participation in recreational snowboarding, alpine and cross-country skiing in Canada. The Grade 5 SnowPass is funded and presented by the Canadian Ski Council and its member organizations; National Snow Industries Association, Atlantic Ski Area Association, Quebec Ski Areas Association, Ontario Snow Resorts Association, Canada West Ski Areas Association, Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance, Canadian Snowsports Association and Canadian Ski Coaches Federation.


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