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KW & Beyond

  by Irena Syrokomla

Irena Syrokomla

Bell, Book & Candle – Touchmark Theatre at River Run Centre in Guelph

It would be wonderful to be able to make things happen – like opening the door of the locked liquor cabinet, initiating a thunderstorm, disconnecting someone’s phone – or making a very cool neighbour just fall madly in love with you? Wouldn’t it?

Bell, Book & Candle, a romantic comedy written by John Van Druten over 40 years ago and set in Manhattan in the 50’s is the story of a witch casting a spell on a neighbour to cause him to fall head over heels in love with her. It is so easy and wonderful, isn’t it? Well, not quite. You see, our witch, young and attractive Elana Post and Ian Deakin   [photo courtesy of Touchmark Theatre]Elana Post, is not in love herself and after a while she is no longer enjoying the spell-induced infatuation of Shep (Phi Bulani) her neighbour. She wishes that his infatuation could be genuine, coming from his heart and not because of the magic spell.

That’s the problem with witches and spells, they want it "for real", just like we, plain mortals, do. In order for this to happen she has to lose her witch’s power and really fall in love.

Touchmark Theatre and Douglas Beattie have done it again: wonderfully entertaining with a hint of thought comedy in River Run Centre, just when we need a break from the long winter days. The acting is not perfectly even, some parts better than others, some moments a bit stiff – is this because of the vintage character of the play? Eric Woolfe, Liza Balkan and Elana Post   [photo courtesy of Touchmark Theatre]The supporting actors Liza Balkan as Aunt Queenie, Nicky Woolfe as Worlock Eric and Ian Deakin (borrowed from Stratford productions) are great in carrying their roles with humour and flair. The set and the costumes by Ina Brogan so carefully reincarnated from the 50’s are especially worth mentioning, details down to the suspenders and shoes, lamps and ashtrays from the era. Where did they get the dresses, pants and even shoes for this production?

By the time you read this Bell, Book & Candle will close. It is running only till February 24th and the second Touchmark production this season will be on for a single night May 24th. It is Willpower, devised and performed by Rod Beattie (well-known as Walt Wingfield) and created for the 50th anniversary of Stratford Festival to explore Shakespeare’s writings. With shrinking support from regional or provincial authorities for artistic or cultural endeavors, it is increasingly difficult for small theatres to survive. For some reason they are not so stingy about supporting hockey skating rinks or golf courses rather than theatre. Please remember theatres cannot survive without your support, be it in the form of ticket purchases or donations. And Touchmark Theatre is definitely one of them worthy of your support.


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