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March 2007 - Nr. 3


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Organics Growing in Ontario
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VW Seeks to Tempt US Buyers
Tempelhof to be Closed
Transatlantic Ties
Baby Boom
Germany's Dirk Nowitzki

2007 Planet in Focus Call for Entries!

JUNE 15TH, 2007.

To submit a film or to discover more about the festival please visit:

Planet in Focus announces its 2007 Call for Entries! Canada’s most acclaimed international environmental film and video festival showcases outstanding and compelling films and videos covering a broad range of environmental themes by Canadian and international filmmakers. Our mission is to screen and promote the use of film and video across Canada and internationally as a catalyst for public awareness, discussion, and appropriate action on the environmental, ecological and social health of the planet. Recognizing that the ‘environment’ is contested terrain, both as a biophysical entity and as a philosophical frame, Planet in Focus invites submissions in all genres that critically examine the concept of ‘environment’ and challenge current human/nature relations.

General Submissions:

Special consideration is paid to:
works that push the boundaries of the accepted notions of ‘environment’
works that present cultural perspectives that are under-represented in Canada
works that will have their world or Canadian premiere at Planet in Focus

works that will screen in our children’s and school program

2007 Spotlight: International Polar Year:

This year Planet in Focus will be focusing on works from and about the Circumpolar Regions of the Arctic and Antarctic as part of the 125th anniversary of International Polar Year, an initiative that launched international scientific Polar research and exploration. Special consideration will be given to works covering the themes of International Polar Year: atmosphere, ice, land, oceans, people and space. The nations and regions included are Canada, Denmark/Greenland, the Russian Federation, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, United States, Norway and the Antarctic.

Green Sprouts!    Youth filmmakers’ showcase

Planet in Focus International Environmental Film & Video Festival recognizes and values the diverse voice of youth around the world. There is no such thing as too young when it comes to addressing issues about the environment. Today’s youth are at the vanguard taking action and building awareness in protecting our environment, which is why Planet in Focus is proud to share its platform with youth filmmakers to help get their voices heard. Youth, under the age of 18 can submit their environmental films for free!


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