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Welcome Al Gore!

Conservation Council calls for support for Ontario’s existing conserver economy

(Toronto, Ontario)  "The best way to tackle climate change," says Chris Winter, Executive Director of the Conservation Council of Ontario, "is to support the change that is already happening."

On the occasion of Al Gore’s latest visit promoting the global effort to combat climate change, the Conservation Council of Ontario is calling on the provincial and federal governments to use their regulatory and fiscal clout to speed up the transition from a carbon economy to a conserver economy.

"Ontario already has a climate change strategy," says Winter, who has spent over twenty years promoting conserver solutions. "Everywhere I look I see leadership within business, municipalities, and by individuals.  This amounts to a multi-billion dollar commitment to conservation that is already happening in Ontario.

Since 1990, Winter has witnessed a steady growth in conservation products and services up to the point that there is now a conserver economy coexisting and competing with the conventional economy.  It’s still less than five percent of the economy, but the alternatives have gained a foothold and are universally available.  For carbon busting, the options include:

  • An EnerGuide Home energy audit through Green Communities Canada and private businesses;
  • Converting your hydro bill to green power through Bullfrog Power;
  • Joining a wind power cooperative, organized through the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association;
  • Installing a solar panel, with the help of community groups like the Riverdale Initiative for Solar Energy;
  • Purchasing an ENERGY STAR qualified home, thanks to the efforts of leading edge municipalities and builders and the EnerQuality Corporation; and
  • Car-sharing through companies like Autoshare in Toronto.

The Conservation Council is also seeing strong support from businesses and municipalities for its campaigns and the "We Conserve" initiative to promote a united conservation movement in Ontario conservation, including:

  • Oakville Conserves - Oakville is the first municipality to adopt the "We Conserve" campaign
  • The Beer Store - a founding sponsor of "We Conserve"
  • HMV Canada - a participating retail partner in "We Conserve" and the Doors Closed energy conservation campaign
  • Sixteen communities and over 5,000 businesses participated in last summer’s Doors Closed campaign

The Conservation Council is recommending a series of "strategic interventions" by governments that will act as a catalyst for the transition to a conserver society and economy.  These include taxes on overconsumption that is linked to conservation incentives and investment in a conserver economy.  "We should let the carbon economy pay for the transition to a conserver economy," Winter says.

"People are already demanding fuel-efficient cars, better transit, green power, and energy-efficient homes in more complete and walkable communities," says Winter. "The challenge for our governments is help make this transition as fast and as smooth as possible."


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