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April, 2007 - Nr. 4


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Dick reports...

Dick Altermann at his computer

St. Hubertus
at the Hansa Haus

One of the highlights at this time of the year – looking forward to the arrival of spring – is the annual dinner of the Hubertus Hunt Club at the Hansa Haus.

 Reiner Walter addresses the Hubertus Hunters ClubIt was well attended since the hunters are famous for offering a number of culinary specialties geared to game, like caribou, bear, deer or moose, for the enjoyment of the guest’s palates at this event.

The members of the club lead an adventurous life with hunting trips in assorted regions of the planet during the different hunting seasons.

Hunters and company

A beautiful stuffed owlThere is a "Turkey Spring Hunt" in Pennsylvania, bear and elk in Northern Ontario, caribou in Quebec’s north, Wapiti in B.C. and many other locations in the US and the rest of the globe. Since many of the wives also have hunting licenses these trips are often a family affair. Southwest Africa is visited almost annually to hunt Water Buffalo, Kudu and various antelope type game. Trips to Argentina when deer or boars are in season are also popular.

The Golden Keys in their new uniforms
The Golden Keys in their new uniforms

Dancing to the Golden Keys
Dancing to the Golden Keys

On the prowl - on the dance floor

Needless to say that the patron saint Hubertus protects them during the hunt. Did you know that this saint is very popular? He also takes care of mathematicians, opticians and metalworkers, which keeps him busy 24/7. We even heard that he is also invoked to cure rabies – in his spare time, I guess.

Born around AD 656 as son of the Duke of Aquitaine, he also became known as the ‘Apostle of the Ardennes’. He was also the first Bishop of Liège and died on the 30th of May AD 727 in Tervuren, near Brussels in Belgium.

The legend tells us that one day he was hunting deer in the forest when a stag appeared before him with the picture of the crucifix between his antlers – similar to the vision of St. Eustace – and a voice told him to dedicate his life to Christianity and the Church.

In researching this information I found his life during the Merovingian times to be very interesting and well worth the study – but too involved for this little column. I guess you know how to google?

Walter Ostanek packed them in…

Robert Gutwein…at the Hansa Haus on the 24th of March. This was a dance organized by the Hansa Men’s Auxiliary and their president Robert Gutwein. When Robert Gutwein addressed and welcomed the guests, one could tell that he was very proud of the fact that so many of them had shown up.

Walter Ostanek and his bandBut then, the multi-award winning artist and his band tend to draw a lot of fans to their performances wherever they go. I am always amazed at how flawlessly he can coax this fantastic music out of his accordion. His amazing repertoire includes most of the tunes that the ‘old-timers’ in the audience learned to love when they were many years younger and when most of them were still in the old countries – some still in their teens.

To the rhythm of the Walter Ostanek band
To the rhythm of the Walter Ostanek band

Applause, applause!By the way, if you have been wondering about the great new look of the ‘Hansa Post’ newsletter, wonder no more! It is Mrs. Gutwein who is responsible for it. She thought a change might be good for it. Right on!

The Hansa kitchen seems to be back to the customary good old standards again and no one seems to be complaining anymore. This evening the choices were many, even salmon was to be found on the menu next to yummy Schnitzels and sausages.

An extraordinary ‘Tombola’ concluded the festivities – much too soon someone said on the way out. Happy Easter to all!

As always

Dick Altermann


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