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April, 2007 - Nr. 4

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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader

April weather has arrived with thunder and lightening. Rain is melting the glaciers behind houses where sun does not reach. On southern exposures daffodils, tulips and crocus push through the earth crust with might. Doves and pigeons are building nests and coo at first daylight in mutual adoration. Squirrels race around half naked, mad with activity. The miracle of spring is all around us in the making.

If you care to remember: Only 4 short weeks ago we were fending off the winter’s worst storm in the greater Toronto area. Traffic came to a near standstill. It took four and a half hours to travel something that usually takes only 30 minutes in rush hour!

Louisa Cowie (c.) with Opera York Chorus   [photo: Greg King]

We had to miss Opera York’s La Traviata in the Markham Theatre. The sold out house was only half full with people that could make it in time. Certainly the performers did, some of them very close to curtain call, but they managed. This is testimony to the professionalism of this remarkable Neil Aronoff, Keith Klassen (foreground)company, which had to overcome all sorts of obstacles, including a sick lead singer. If you feel as bad as I do for having missed the last offering of Opera York then it might be a good time to attend the gala at the Fame Furlane on May 5th. An evening of fine Italian dining awaits you together with an always entertaining concert, a fabulous silent auction and generally good fun and even dancing (in the past, we are not sure yet of this years complete program). For more info call 905-763-7853.

Since the weather improved we have been around to a few local cultural events. In Kitchener we attended the annual President’s Ball of the Concordia Club. In Toronto we enjoyed the Austrian Gala Ball and in Scarborough we visited the Danube Swabian Club for a fundraising gala with Viennese music and someone Ulli Jeschke called "Sybille’s favourite tenor". He was speaking about Mark Dubois, who certainly is on my favourites list!

Of course there were other events someone from Echo Germanica visited.

In this issue we are welcoming into the fold and introducing a new writer from Edmonton, Dan Jamison. He looks at life with "Eyes wide open" and a satirical glance. We hope you enjoy his musings as much as we do!

Dave McKague’s "Petitorial" has attracted a lot of attention, especially, of course, among dog lovers. In keeping with our theme of building bridges between People, Generations, Cultures and Countries we love to invite writers from other heritage backgrounds to share with us how they feel about life in areas we have in common; or for that matter, if there is someone out there who would like to comment and contribute to the celebration of "German Culture", we would welcome them too.

Our house is abuzz with activities. We are very excited about the next few months.

In the meantime we are planning on a wonderful Easter celebration. The opportunity to celebrate the renewal of life, the prospect and promise of eternity holds special promise and gives hope to us, to carry on looking for and creating a better life for all of us.

Happy Easter!

Sybille Foster-Rentmeister


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