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Prospects and perspectives for the Goethe-Institutes in Canada

Closer cooperation with Canadian partner institutions


TORONTO. ON - The Goethe-Institut Toronto will change its mode of operation. This will happen strategically within a framework of a global process of restructuring the Goethe-Institut network worldwide.

“We will continue to offer German culture, language and information in Canada. But we will change the way we do it. In the future we will screen German films and present exhibitions with German artists in cooperation with local Canadian partner institutions at their venues. We are confident our selection of books and DVDs will find a new Canadian home as well,” explains Dr. Arpad Sölter, director of the Goethe-Institut Toronto.

The future success of German-Canadian cultural exchange via the Goethe-Institut, Germany’s official cultural centre abroad, will increasingly depend on the demand of partnership initiatives through its Canadian counterparts.

“We will spend more money on joint Canadian-German cultural projects and less on infrastructure,” comments Arpad Sölter. “Toronto has a vibrant gallery scene. To spend as much on rent for a German gallery or our own theatre, concert hall and library as we currently do just isn’t viable anymore.” This will also be the perspective for the Goethe-Institut in Montréal.

The Goethe-Institut Toronto will give up its gallery, its movie theatre and its library on King St West. As a result of this, the new entrance is moving to the other side of the building and the address is turning into 100 University Ave, as the Institut will remain on the second floor of its present location.

Since 1962, the Goethe-Institutes in Toronto and Montréal have been promoting an ongoing dialogue and exchange between Canadian and German artists and experts in order to present German culture abroad and help shape a current understanding of Germany today and will do so in future.

“Of course we are planning to keep both our institutes in Toronto and Montreal and continue to run language courses in Vancouver and Ottawa,” adds Gabriele Becker, the Goethe-Institut’s regional director in New York City.

Teacher information services and training for German teachers at schools and universities, cultural programs will still be provided, as well as web-based materials on Germany and information and liaison services for librarians.

Upcoming hot issues in mutual interest between Canada and Germany will be “Migration” and “Urban Developments.”

The Goethe-Institutes in Canada work within a network of 129 Goethe-Institutes in 80 countries around the globe.

For further details please contact:
Dr. Arpad A. Sölter
Goethe-Institut Toronto
163 King St. West Toronto, Ontario, M5H 4C6, Canada
Tel.: +1 416 5935257
Fax: +1 416 5935145 


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