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This was for the youngsters…

 …at the Danube-Swabian Club in Scarborough in April. Since we couldn’t attend these functions ourselves – you can only dance at so many weddings – we asked Lorie Szauter to send us her notes on two events. Also all pictures are courtesy of the Szauter Family. Thank you.

Dressed up in their costumes


Natasha Szauter, Miss Danube 2007, with children in various costumesFirst event was the traditional "Kindertrachtenfest" on 1st of April and the first event for the newly crowned Miss Danube, Natasha Szauter, to attend. She also led the various participating dance groups into the hall to the accompaniment of the "Donauschwaben Blaskapelle" (brass band). "Trachten" are the original festive costumes that were worn on celebratory occasions in the ‘Old Country’ where the Danube-Swabians originated and have become part of the heritage that is being passed on to the youngsters.

Singing along to Ingrid Szauter on the guitar
Singing along to Ingrid Szauter on the guitar 

Ingrid Szauter – the matriarch of the Szauter Family and the now grown up "Forget-me-not" children – assembled the club’s children at the stage and led them in a medley of German evergreens. Songs that have been in their hearts and minds for generations became alive again – for the old-timers in the audience, and hopefully also for the youngsters that performed them so enthusiastically this afternoon.

Next on the agenda was the "Original Tracht" display, Starting with the youngest – Madison Giffin - who was proudly wearing her great-grandmother’s ‘Tracht’, followed by Kristen Lutz, Ariana Faller, Melanie and Kirsten Hehn, Emylee Kahr, Christina Galowitsch and Cheyenne Kertes.

Lorie amidst five childrenThe afternoon entertainment started with Lorie’s own group, the youngest Children – 2½ to 5 years old - with three dances to the immense delight of the spectators.

A festive entryThey were followed by Heidi Mueller’s juniors – the 6 to 10 year olds – who work on the more advanced and harder to learn dances. Full of energy Dancing with a wreath of flowerswere also the senior dancers – aged 10 to 13 – a real super group that is taught by Carrie Turman, who also leads the ‘Girl Group’. They were the final activity on the dance floor and added an extra special touch to this event with the flower dance – celebrating the arrival of spring.

Every year this opportunity is also used as a fundraiser for the children’s dance program. The organizers found this year’s efforts to be very successful. Thanks to all – especially for Anna Gubasta’s $100.00! But there were also quite a number of other large donations by anonymous contributors. Thanks again! Congrats to Marianne Klimek who won this year’s ‘Tracht Doll’.


Lorie (c.) with masked & costumed childrenThe next event involving the young crowd was the annual "Maskenball" for children. It is a masquerade party that gives the kids a chance to dress up in fancy and imaginative costumes. This year there was a princess, a knight, a cowboy, a clown and more. Hot dogs and drinks, provided by the Ladies’ Auxiliaries, started the afternoon. There were many activities for the kids to participate in and to enjoy.

D.J. Mike Nemeth provided the background music such as the chicken dance, limbo and Macarena and the great ‘musical chairs’ event.

Miss Hawai, her balloons & friendsAt the annual draw for prince and princess Madison Giffin – mentioned above – won the princess and Kieran Wallner became the prince. Lisa Poos – last years Miss Danube – presented the crowns and sashes to the winners.

A successful fundraiser for the Kindergruppe was the toy "Tombola" – a raffle that lit up the eyes of the kids – and many of them went home with a big Miss Danube's interview with an angelsmile. And then there were the delicious homemade cookies to enjoy.

Attendance was not as numerous as last year but if the words spread about the good time the kids had then next year may see a larger contingent of fun-lovers and their families.


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