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June 2007 - Nr. 6


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Annual Chef Festival
at the Cheese Boutique

 This is always an event to look forward to. Every weekend in May – including Victoria Day – some of the many outstanding chefs from the Toronto area are invited to the famous Cheese Boutique to entertain the visitors and invited guests with their culinary expertise. I took the opportunity to visit them on the 12th of May this year.

The proper wine to match the foodUsually a Sommelier from the same restaurant is also in attendance with great wines for the visitors to taste. This year it was a rich Chardonnay from Bouchard Pére & Fils in southern Burgundy in France. Pleasant and very aromatic with lots of fruit flavours, well balanced with a wonderfully aromatic finish. Chef Keith Froggett prepares samplesIt proved to be an ideal companion to the delicate fish dish that the executive Chef – Keith Froggett - from the "Scaramouche Restaurant" (One Benvenuto Place) was offering the visitors this afternoon as a sample of his View from aboveculinary expertise.

The Scaramouche Restaurant has had an enviable 20-year reputation as one of Canada’s top restaurants whose cuisine is based on classic Continental and French techniques using the finest ingredients in season. It is here where simplicity attains perfection.

The event at the Cheese Boutique on 45 Ripley Avenue was so well attended that the wonderfully tasty samples of his Taste experts at workdelectable fish dishes ran out before the event concluded. Well, the samples were delicious – take my word for it.

Some of the other Chefs that were invited this year were Donna Dooher from Mildred Pierce, Massimo Capra from the Mistura and many other equally well-known ‘Chefs’.

This was another very successful showcase of culinary A gift from Fatos Pristine to Chef Keith Froggettexcellence and the involvement of the Cheese Boutique in the success of distinguished local establishments.

I am already salivating for next year’s events. Congratulations to the Pristine family for bringing such interactive fair to the store and the public.

As always

Dick Altermann


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