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June 2007 - Nr. 6


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Celebrating the BIG 40

German-Canadian Business Association of K-W Celebrates the BIG 40

by Herwig Wandschneider
including the photos

Herwig WandschneiderThe German–Canadian Business and Professional Association (GCBPA) of Kitchener-Waterloo celebrated 40 years of active participation in the Community in style in the Ballroom of the Transylvania Club. That this was a special event was immediately clear as one entered the Ballroom, which was laced with white curtains from floor to ceiling and crowded with local, provincial and federal dignitaries and their spouses. Tables were decorated in welcoming colours, champagne was served once you managed to manouevre yourself through the crowd of some 120 members, guests and dignitaries to the champagne table in front of the stage. The centre table was filled with superb hors d’oeuvres.

Germany’s General Consulate in Toronto was represented by Sebastian Bischoff, Vice Consul. Federal MPs Karen Redman and Andrew Telegdi and MPP John Milloy were there, (were Conservatives afraid to be cornered by the Liberals?), Regional Chairman Ken Seiling, Members of GCBPA with Mayor Zehr & spouse SandyMayors Brenda Halloran (Waterloo) and Carl Zehr (Kitchener), National and Provincial Presidents of the German-Canadian Congress, Tony Bergmeier and Ulrich Frisse respectively, also Gerhard Chairman Griebenow with club presidents & spousesGriebenow, Chair of the Cooperative Council of German-Canadian Clubs and Presidents of the German Clubs all participated actively in the celebrations, addressing the audience with congratulatory words and messages for the achievements and contributions the GCBPA has made to the character of the K-W community over the last 40 years. From the Victoria Park Pedestal for the missing bust of Kaiser Wilhelm and the plaques of the old City Halls to active presence at Oktoberfest and the Christkindl Market to the founding and growing the now 33 year-old German-Canadian Education Fund in support of the German Language, a registered Charity as of 2004, the list of contributions and achievements to the preservation of The Blums accept accolades by the Drungs  [photo: Herwig Wandschneider]German heritage and the business community goes on and on.

The event was organized by the new Executive of the GCBPA, just elected in April. The Executive, headed by President-elect Harry Drung, and Vice President- elect Rick Weiss, MC for the evening, honoured contributHelene Schramek accepts recognition of Paul Tuerrions made over the 40 years by Paul Tuerr, whose recognition was graciously accepted on his behalf by his daughter Helene Schramek, and by Eddie Koch. Recognition was also given to the tireless efforts of Hilde and Manfred Blum, who emerged wonderfully tanned in time to put their usual significant touch to the event.

Karen Redman with greetings from Ottawa John Milloy with greetings from Queen's Park
Karen Redman with greetings from Ottawa John Milloy with greetings from Queen's Park 
Ken Seiling did not seem to mind the humour   Mayor Carl Zehr did not get roasted this time
Ken Seiling did not seem to mind the humour  Mayor Carl Zehr did not get roasted this time 
 Mayor Halloran played right along Tony Bergmeier deserves much credit 
Mayor Halloran played right along  Tony Bergmeier deserves much credit 

MC Rick Weiss got into hot water at the gym  [photo: Herwig Wandschneider]Rick Weiss managed his duties as MC with a refreshing flair (and to the abundant enjoyment of the audience with some risqué exchanges with Chair Seiling and Mayor Halloran).

Dinner was deliciously prepared and appetizingly presented by the Transylvania team of Jennifer Bruk and Wolfgang Franz with their staff (not only did it appeal to the eyes, but also to the palate and it was delivered still hot on the plate!). Music during dinner and later for dancing was well selected and played by the Variations. Particularly pleasing was the attention the band paid to the sound level, which they maintained appropriately at a level for conversation and later for dance.

Some have been members of the GCBPA for the full 40 years. That in itself is a major achievement. Great to see that the membership continues to grow to include the next generation, which will ensure that the association will continue to leave its mark on the community for the next 40 years.


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