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June 2007 - Nr. 6


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VW: Every Model a Hybrid

To be a Famous Writer

 Tinderbox Industries Co. presents its first ever national writing contest. Open to all residents in Canada, everybody is welcome to partake in this extraordinary event. The Tinderbox Writing Contest is a tribute towards everyday individuals who either suffered a tragedy or persevered amidst a hardship. It is their chance to speak out. Send Tinderbox the story and write us on the impact it made on your life. Twenty of the most outstanding stories will be selected and published by an internationally renown publishing company, Trafford Publishings, then distributed around the world. We hope to hear from people of all ages, social backgrounds, and ethnicities.

The theme is on the virtues that are faith, hope, and love. Write to Tinderbox about one or more virtues and its impact on your life through difficult times. We at Tinderbox believe they represent everything that is good in human nature and guides us throughout life.

The aim of this contest is to motivate and to inspire other in a similar situation. This very moment millions of people around the world are wanting to know how you persevered. This is you opportunity to reach out. Tinderbox is your chance to communicate on a global scale with everyone who wonders, "What is your story?"

The stories are judged based on the following three criteria: quality, uniqueness, and use of theme. It may be in any form from romantic comedy to dark tragedy. Your choice. Keep in mind that Tinderbox will receive thousands of possible entries in the next few weeks. It is very important to stand out from the crowd. This is your story. Don’t be afraid to show us who you are and to bring your individuality as a writer. Tinderbox will notice it.

Each of the Tinderbox Contest winners will receive our fabulous prize package:

- The publication of your story by an internationally acclaimed publisher, Trafford Publishings.

- Global distribution of your published work.

  • $10 entry fee.

    Payment must be made by check to Tinderbox Industries Co.

  • Stories can submitted through either snail mail or email.

      Stories sent by email should be sent with Microsoft Word.

Note: Be sure to print your full name on both your check and your story.

All stories must be submitted by June 25th, 2007.

Tinderbox Industries Co.
16621 19th Ave.
Surrey, British Columbia
V3S 9R4


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