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July 2007 - Nr. 7


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Austrian Canadian Council honours exceptional expatriates

 As an umbrella organisations for Canadian Austrians the Austrian Canadian Council represents all that is best about the large extended family of Austrians living in Canada either as immigrants or Canadians. To honour those who made all Austrians proud is but one job of many, but surely a pleasurable one for this organisation.

President Roland K. Pirker was at hand in Toronto a little while back to single out 3 more individuals who had already been honoured by the Austrian President in the previous year.

Christine MeyerTo add to this acknowledgement of well-done activities for and with the Austrian culture in Canada a ceremony was held in the home of Christine Meyer, President of the Canadian Austrian Society, Toronto.

Honoured was Mr. Fritz Istl with a speech by past Austrian Consul Dr. Jutta Zsep. Mr. Istl's activities as one of the founders of the local Austrian Society led ultimately to his appointment as first Consul General for the Austrian Republic in Toronto. In this capacity he did a great deal of good work to advance the co-operation of local Austrians in many different endeavours as part of his responsibilities.

The honourees: Inge Bibersteiner, Maria Piller & Fritz Istl
The honourees: Inge Bibersteiner, Maria Piller & Fritz Istl

Maria Piller, known to many local Austrians as Mutti Piller because of her caring ways, already 97 years old, worked tirelessly for her community. Her door was always open; she was the first unofficial club, where everyone could gather. Until very recently she was helping the Austrian Society with some activity or other.

Inge Bibersteiner too was known since the early 1950 for her open house policy and is to this day an active founding member of the Canadian Austrian Society, for which she does a great deal of superb organizing.

An Austrian quartett
An Austrian quartett

These loyalties to the Austrian culture, the humane touch of caring for ones fellow men, are present in all three honourees making them more than worthy of the Austrian Canadians Council’s Award.

If you would like to know more about the council you can call Ottawa at 613-255-3200 or visit the website at . SFR


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