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A review on the dance production

On June 15th and 16th, the production "INK" was presented to the public at Harbourfront by the Xing Dance Theatre.

Eight performers danced different elements of Chinese calligraphy in movement. The visionary leader, Xing Bang Fu, glided along the floor, through the dancers – the knowledgeable presence in the midst of experimental strokes.Xing Bang Fu

The flow of ink built up through the progression of movement – soft and flowing to chaotic and staccato. It culminated in the final solo of Xing. The spontaneous and honest movements expressed very well the experience of the master calligrapher.

The actual making of INK is innovative. On May 15th, seven dancers came together with the goal-maker, Xing Bang Fu. This was the embodiment of a life’s work – a whole system of movement that springs from the centre to allow the body to drape and fall free yet principled by basic dance technique, animated by the elements of air and water, yin and yang. Xing spent a month communicating this style to the dancers in this workshop.

Every morning from 8 am to 11 am, the group came together to warm up and improvise, using these principles. These were hours of personal contemplation, confrontation with the impossible and struggles with life demands. There were injuries, recoveries, frustrations and elations which would be hard for ordinary mortals to perceive.

The total effort exploded on the stage of the Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront. Clad in costumes of white, black and combinations thereof – with a splash of red for Xing - the dancers improvised to the music or performed the group choreography. The effect was hard and soft, explosive and quiet, yin and yang.

"INK" was a moment in history not just for dance but for the individual.

It was an invitation to move differently. It was a philosophical viewpoint of exploration in the everyday – to walk with a softer step from an inner place, to strike out with momentum to achieve a texture in life far above the tame and dull - to dream and ultimately to create!

The dancers in this production were: Sarah Amaral, Xing Bang Fu, Jen-Yi Hum, Davidson Jaconello, Krystal Jang, Simon S. Lalonde, Hiroshi Myamoto, Takako Segawa, and Sandy Tan.

The entire team worked together to give the audience a new vision of movement.

The costumes were created by Eric Wong – contemporary fashion designer dedicated to the aesthetics of costume. The striking lighting design was done by Bonnie Armstrong and Scott Hill. The visual effects were created by John McDonald. The stage manager and director were Eric Chan and Chak Au. The choreography was created by Xing Bang Fu.

Katherine Jaconello
Xing’s student of dance and movement


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