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July 2007 - Nr. 7


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Hot City's Summer Days
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Spiegel Show So Hot!
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To Lean or Not Too Lean
Outdoor Prepared
Ontario Lacrosse Festival
Austria's FIFA Team
After the World Cup

Hot city’s summer nights…

… heat!

Every day and into every night
Heat impregnates the city.
For so long, weeks on end.
there is no cooling, no rain,
just dust and smog mingling
with smells of sweat and urine,
competing with deodorant,
cologne and flower power.


Hot city’s summer days …


All through the day, into the night
clouds in the sky appear.
Sudden bursting at the seams,
The emptying of heavy load
onto the thirsting ground,
washing away grime and dust,
cooling, caressing plant and stone,
a passionate and wet embrace of life.

Sybille, July 2005


Copyright ©2007 Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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