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August 2007 - Nr. 8


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German Customs shine at Carabram

 M.C. Boe Hladysh
The German Canadian Club Hansa outdid itself once again with their pavilion during this year’s Carabram festivities. The house was beautifully decorated and many displays showed a lot of the German people’s most beloved customs and celebrations right through the calendar year. Christmas and Easter were not forgotten, nor was Carnival or the trimmings and foods that go with all these special occasions.

German Customs
Wood carvings Tree Masks
"Kaffeeklatsch" Easter decorations
The Christmas Tree Nutcrackers Carnival

The Hansa Haus food standIt was impossible not to try some of the foods offered. And even after a good meal of Kaiserschmarren, or smoked pork hawks there had to be room for a fresh salty pretzel with another ice cold beer from the tap.

Just delicious - Kartoffelpuffer/potato pancakesOutside Kartoffelpuffer were the big hit and all was watched over by our very own policeman Heinz Hachenberg, resplendent in his uniform, always smiling…surely taking away any fear someone might feel while thinking about the police.

Albert Dittgen & Heinz HachenbergHachenberg is the ingenuous designer of many a decal for numerous police forces of the world, including many in Germany and even New York. But he also designs other paraphernalia to be put on hats and jackets to commemorate an occasion or signify a kinship.

The Harmonie Brass Showband
The Harmonie Brass Showband
Dancing to the music
Harmonie Brass Alphorn Trio

A packed house

There can not be any German amusement without music and that was supplied by the ever popular Harmonie Brass Showband, who tirelessly animated the crowd to eat drink and be merry, and yes, to dance.


The Weiss-Blau Bayern Juniors
Their candle dance
...and their Schuhplattler

When the Weiss-Blau Bayern Dance Group, junior and senior ranks, performed taped music had to do the job and did it well, and the bell ringing was certainly something to wait for and is always honoured with much applause.

Now with audience participation

All this took place on three days and the many volunteers and workers need to be thanked for their dedication to represent our German customs to a broader audience.

The club is worth visiting, and not only because members will have now even more opportunities to congregate, because the appendix was nearing completion. Now the big hall can be rented out for banquets and the home crowds can still have their own festivities. Perhaps we can see the finished product at the upcoming picnic?

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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