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August 2007 - Nr. 8


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Sybille reports

Soccer Fever

  Just in time for the World Soccer Games in Canada Toronto became the launching pad for a new book written by one of the sports greatest fans, James McCreathJames McCreath. As a matter of fact James McCreath appears to be a fan of everything done well and with enthusiasm, which is reflected in his career as an entrepreneur in many fields as a commercial real estate magnate, rock and sports promoter and restaurateur. In all of these disciplines he has demonstrated excellent skills, and now he can also add to his many credits that he is a writer.

His book Renaldo actually came out in hardcover after 7 years of painstaking research in 1997. He started writing to overcome his grief over the loss of his first wife, the mother of his 2 children. Mrs. Anne McCreath & Mrs. Ingrid Läderach StevenFour years later he married an old family friend, Anne Smythe, also widowed, and together they now enjoy each other’s extended families. After the book was presented in Toronto, Frankfurt, Germany and Chicago book fairs, he lost interest in the publishing industry, but since the 2006 Soccer World Cup in Germany his enthusiasm made him investigate the possibility of publishing Renaldo again, this time as a paperback. With the help of Amazon’s publishing subsidiary Booksurge Publications, with their considerable expertise including editing, Renaldo was released to an animated crowd in a tropical Toronto setting at C Lounge, a downtown club with tropical ambience, including pool and palm trees.

Soccer enthusiasmSoccer players demonstrated some ball tricks, the drinks were flowing freely, and beautiful people mixed and mingled with friends and industry people. We enjoyed especially running into Ingrid Laederach Steven, owner of the Swiss Master Chocolatier.

Welcome address by the authorThe book that was launched in such a stylish way is all about the passion life can contain. Soccer plays a big part in it but also family, power plays, love and betrayal. It plays in Argentina, a country famous for its passion for soccer, like most South American countries. It reads easily and the plot moves forward smoothly and even though it is a big book, over 500 pages in big paperback format, it makes for good entertainment, especially under a palm tree or some other beach on a lazy afternoon. James McCreath surrounded by soccer playersYou do not have to be a soccer fan to enjoy the book. The female editor made sure that even the ladies will find this an easy read.

All this for a first time author is quite remarkable but no surprise considering the rich life experience James McCreath has to draw from.

To order a copy of Renaldo by James McCreath, who has a sequel in mind, go to or, , use 1-866-308-6235.

Happy reading!

Austrian Team excites local crowd

When the Austrian team had qualified for the world cup expectations were mixed. Austria was not famous for making it to the event. No one really knew anything about the team. Thus everyone arrived with much curiosity to the bash at the Delta Chelsea Inn in downtown Toronto, where a fabulous buffet Austrian style was awaiting a large crowd, which had arrived by invitation from the Austrian Consulate General. Gabriele Lenger, Austrian National Tourist Board, and Dr. Karl Schmidt, Austrian Consul and Trade CommissionerConsul Dr. Karl Schmidt was at hand to welcome the guests, as was Gabriele Lenger of the Austrian National Tourist Office.

The suspense and excitement grew as the evening wore on and the eventual win was celebrated with some genuine and delicious Austrian Stiegl Beer, now available in Ontario. Lucky beer drinkers could carry home their very own Stiegl Stein to extend their collection.

Lots of winnersOf course there were some soccer balls - the genuine article - given away as door prizes.

This was a remarkable start into the world cup and as we went home and followed the next round of games with much anticipation we became more and more hopeful that the Austrian team would make it into the end round.

Well, 4th place is remarkable and the young players deserve much praise. They carried themselves well throughout, which can not be said for all the teams.

All we have to say is "Congrats for making it thus far!" Surely soccer has a few new stars and heroes in the making.

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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