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September 2007 - Nr. 9


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German Films at TIFF

A Roundup of German Films Presented at the Toronto International Film Festival

TWIG - A total of 23 German films and co-productions were presented at the 32nd Toronto International Film Festival, globally one of the most important film events.

As cited by German Films, the Munich-based national information and advisory center for the promotion of German films worldwide, "Reclaim Your Brain" (Free Rainer - Dein Fernseher Lügt) by Hans Weingartner (DE/AT),"Love Comes Lately" by Jan Schütte (DE/AT/US), "Mongol" by Sergei Bodrov (RU/DE/KZ) and "Shadows" by Milcho Manchevski (MK/D/IT/BG/ES) had their world premieres at the Toronto Festival, which comes to a close on Saturday (Sept. 15), as Special Presentations.

Meanwhile the Masters sidebar showed "Ulzhan", by Volker Schlöndorff (FR/DE/KZ), "Disengagement" by Amos Gitai (FR/DE/IT), "A Girl Cut in Two" by Claude Chabrol (FR/DE), "It's a Free World" by Ken Loach (UK/DE/ES/IT) and "The Man from London" by Béla Tarr (HU/FR/DE).

Six German films and co-productions were screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section: "And Along Come Tourists" (Am Ende Kommen Touristen) by Robert Thalheim, "The Edge of Heaven" (Auf der Anderen Seite) by Fatih Akin (DE/TR), "The Counterfeiters" (Die Fälscher) by Stefan Ruzowitzky (DE/AT), "Faro - Goddess of the Waters" by Salif Traoré (ML/FR/CA/BF/DE), "Jar City" by Baltasar Kormákur (IS/DE) and "The Trap" by Srdan Golubovic (RS/DE/HU).

The Visions section invited "Silent Resident" (Weisse Lilien) by Christian Frosch (AT/DE/LU/HU) and "You, the Living" by Roy Andersson (SE/DK/DE/FR/NO).

The documentary film section Real to Reel presented "A Jihad for Love" by Parvez Sharma (US/GB/FR/DE/AU), "The Mosquito Problem and Other Stories" by Andrey Paounov (BG/US/DE) and the new film by Werner Herzog, the US production "Encounters at the End of the World".

The avantgarde film section Wavelengths showed two works by Karø Goldt - "Bouquet" (DE/AT) and "Gone" (DE/AT) as well as "The Butterfly in Winter" (Der Schmetterling im Winter) by Ute Aurand and Maria Lang and "Schindler's Houses" (Schindlers Häuser) by Heinz Emigholz (AT/DE). (from German Films)

German Films has 10 foreign representatives all over the world, including two in the United States: Oliver Mahrdt in New York and Corina Danckwerts in Los Angeles. For more information and their contact details, click here.
Republished with permission from "The Week in Germany"


German Films

Toronto International Film Festival 2007

Reclaim your Brain
Love Comes Lately
Along Came Tourists
The Edge of Heaven
The Counterfeiters
The Butterfly in Winter
Schindler's Houses


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