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September 2007 - Nr. 9


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Letter to the Editor

Turning OFF Climate Change.

One day while at the movies someone started shouting "Global Warming", "Climate Changing", "Carbon Build-up", "Ice Caps Melting" and "Oceans Rising". Well just about everyone panicked and started running for the exits, people got stepped on, knocked over, even hurt and authorities had no idea what to do about it.

Those of us who staid in our seats realize that all the smoke was coming from our cell phones and we turned them off. The build-up of Carbon in the atmosphere is actually being caused by the over use of microwaves and radio waves from new wireless industries. These waves cause water molecules to vibrate faster, and by vibrating faster they get hotter. When water vapor in the atmosphere is not allowed cool down it does not become rain and Carbon is not flushed out of the atmosphere.

Over the last 20 years the cellular and wireless industry has grown by more than 400 times it original size.  In an urban area we have seen it grow from using 40 frequencies to using over 16000 frequencies in the same area. It takes 4 watts of microwaves to transmit one cell phone frequency between towers.  It takes four of these frequencies to make one cellular telephone call work. Thirteen - three minutes cellular telephone calls puts the same amount of energy used to boil water in a kitchen microwave directly into the atmosphere.

Why now do you think the planet is getting hotter? Why is carbon now having an amplified effect on the atmosphere? We all need to take a long hard look at how important wireless technology is and how dangerous it is to use!

John Staples


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