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  German Pioneers Day

German Pioneers Day 2007

Seven years ago, the Ontario government instituted German Pioneers Day to recognize the achievements of German pioneers in shaping Ontario’s development. The German Pioneers Day event will take place on Oct. 9, 2007 in the rotunda of the Kitchener City Hall, 200 King St. W., Kitchener. The formal program begins at 5 p.m.

This year, the German Pioneers Day committee is recognizing four churches that have provided spiritual guidance for their community from the early years to the present time;

  • St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church in Maryhill (formerly New Germany), since 1834

  • Historic St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran (formerly German Protestant Evangelical) in Kitchener, since 1835

  • St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran in Waterloo, since 1837

  • St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Kitchener, since 1854

Not unlike Abraham in the 12th Chapter of the Book of Genesis, verses 1-7, all immigrants to this country have left the land of their origin either through choice or through the necessity and urging of circumstance to make a new home in Canada. This was a journey full of difficulties, setbacks, and pain, but the trust in their faith has encouraged them to persevere. They did not become a burden to their new country, but built a new existence in freedom and prosperity and contributed to their new homeland. In this process the reciprocal support they received and gave to their spiritual institutions helped significantly.

On Pioneers Day 2007 we salute the congregations who built these places of worship and continue to provide refuge and encouragement for future generations.

We invite you to attend this celebration of our German heritage as members of the third largest ethnic group in Canada.

Over the years, the Twin Cities have welcomed people from around the world. Today, people of German heritage still make up 10% of our population. In this ceremony, we will remember our heritage and look with confidence to our shared future.

Gerhard Griebenow, Chairman


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