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October 2007 - Nr. 10


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Sister City Frankfurt celebrates with Toronto

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

Thomas Beck, Petra Roth & Marno LangerIt has been 18 years since the two cities allied themselves in friendship. It was a famous day with a famous Jazz Dixieland Band. The local German population turned out in large numbers at Nathan Phillip Square and was not the same for a long time afterwards. A big debate broke out why Germany’s musical traditions were represented by a band so typically not German.

Dixieland bandThis same band revisited us at the Steam Whistle Brewery in an attempt to underline the existing connections as part of a Trade delegation from Frankfurt visiting North America. Throughout the big industrial premise, where once streetcars could be turned around and stored people congregated, tested the local beer and enjoyed typical German food like sauerkraut and sausages, cabbage rolls, potato salad, schnitzel and the like. Accompanied was this mingling of the crowds from 2 continents by the sounds of Dixieland.

It must be said that this time, 18 years later, the same band had greyed, as have the rest of us, and the music seamed to be a beat or two too slow, or so the comments from many folks attending. Young people would have preferred a techno sound or rock’n roll to liven things up.

Checking out the new Mercedes modelThe events had a 35-dollar ticket price attached to it and further funds were raised to finance the evening by selling raffle tickets for donated items. Who would have thought that the centre of German - nay European - Meeting Alexander Senneckefinance needs help in financing its own events? Or is it just that Germany has gone the same route as everyone else and is downloading everything, including signs of friendship?!

Further professions of friendship were demonstrated at the annual German Canadian Gala Ball. It took place as usual at the What to bid on?Fairmont Hotel Royal York, this time in the Concert Hall. About 320 guests mingled first at a champagne reception around tables with donated prizes, gathered to raise funds for our local German schools.

Mr. & Mrs. MeinzerDuring and after dinner, which lasted practically all night and did not reflect anything German, other than the pictures and facts about the cities could be seen, if one were inclined to watch. The hall was very nicely decorated with all in white tablecloth and chair covers. The attractive centrepieces, which went to the person with the red dot under the bread plate, were of the low variety this time, so it was easy to see the person on the other side of the table. There were draws for all sorts of prizes, including flight tickets and other goodies where placed in bags by each chair. This is a well worn formula and could use an update.


Instead of a receiving line one was handed a glass of champagne and offered hors d’oeuvres. Instead of a formal arrival of the head table the MC, in this case the charming Lynne Russel, a CBC news anchor, announced several head tables and other important guest who simply got up and often could not be spotted.

Dancing to the music 
Toronto Starlight Orchestra 

At every ball there are always talks about what could be changed and in this case the voices for the return of a more formal concept became stronger. Also a more German theme, mixed with local elements, like the piper to bring in the head table guest, was mentioned. The general consensus seems to be that a gala should be not too relaxed but maintain the elements of old fashioned courtesies and forms.

Thomas Beck & Lynne RussellNevertheless, the evening was pleasant and considered a success. All the speakers, including Mr. Thomas Beck, President and CEO of the German Canadian Chamber of commerce, Holger Raasch, newly arrived Consul General Of the Federal Republic of Germany, Perta Roth, Lord Mayor of Frankfurt, expressed their pleasure and gratefulness for the opportunity to be here and fasten the knots of friendship tied so long ago.

It must also be said that the ball committee under the guidance of Susanne Adamczyk organized this event with the help of the chambers team and other volunteers very well indeed.


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