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October 2007 - Nr. 10


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Dance Classes for Children

Xing Dance Studio

"The art of dancing has ever been acknowledged to be one of the most suitable and necessary arts for physical development and for affording the primary and most natural preparation for all bodily exercises." Letters Patent, from Louis XIV

Louis XIV believed so much in dance that he made it the foundation of the court. All lords and ladies studied the art of dancing to qualify to be part of the French upper class. No dance – no position.

These pursuits made the French court a very beautiful thing, with people highly disciplined in manners and with supple, attractive bodies. This level of beauty and fitness is also possible for the young people of today.

Xing Dance Studio, located in the College Street United Church, Bathurst and College, has had a twenty-year tradition of teaching dance. It is unique due to the superior training techniques coming out of Asia. Founder Xing Bang Fu studied in China under the finest teachers in ballet and Chinese Opera. The director, Simon Sylvain Lalonde, studied classical ballet in Canada.

The emphasis here is on Asian stretching techniques, superior muscle training and good postural alignment as well as good dance technique. This is not only the basis for successful dance, it is the foundation for a successful and healthy life.

The College Street United Church creates an environment for the arts where dancers are rewarded for their artistry. Every year at Christmas, the Church is transformed into a theatre for the Nutcracker Ballet. This spirit of celebration of the arts is a great advantage for young people wishing to pursue a career in dance.

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. Part of that village is Xing Dance Studio where young people can come and train their bodies and where they can pursue an exploration of the arts through dance.

Xing Dance Studio is now open for classes. For information and registration:



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