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November 2007 - Nr. 11


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PEN's Day of Imprisoned WriterThe "Day of the Imprisoned Writer" was inaugurated twenty years ago by pen's Writers in Prison Committee as a day when special efforts would be made by the literary community to ameliorate the plight of writers and journalists penalized in the course of carrying out their profession. Over the years, the day has been marked by campaigns aimed at putting pressure on the responsible governments or other agencies. These have included media stories, embassy visits, appeals to governments, petitions and public events and readings. pen's Writers in Prison Committee selects up to six cases of writers as a focus for the day's activities: these are men and women whose fate has perhaps been hitherto neglected by the international community or whose situation has become so serious that only a widespread, rapid action of this kind offers hope of relief.

The day was first marked in 1981. At that time, in the context of the Cold War, many writers were serving long sentences in the prison and re-education camps in the former USSR and other Eastern European countries; many others in Latin America simply vanished without trace, never to the seen again at the hands of bloody military dictatorship. PEN at any one time had detailed files on around about four hundred cases of men and women who had thus disappeared or were condemned to ten and fifteen-year terms in the gulags. The then Writers in Prison Committee chair called the prisons of that time "welters of human cruelty". Mounting concern against these brutal forms of censorship led PEN members to institute mechanisms to concert their efforts to counter the attacks: one of the most successful ways found was the "Day of the Imprisoned Writer".

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