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November 2007 - Nr. 11


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For Best Results, Go Topless

 November 2007 - With the cooler weather upon us, an oven roast is the ultimate comfort food, for family and for guests. And what better way to entertain than going topless!

With 65 per cent of consumers not clear on the difference between a pot roast and an oven roast, the Beef Information Centre is stressing oven roasters 'go topless' (not use a lid), 'go dry' (not use liquid in the pan) and 'go low' (roasting at 275F) to best achieve restaurant-quality roasting. Interestingly, 47 per cent of consumers in BIC studies covered their oven roasts with a lid and 55 per cent used liquid in the pan.

Oh the sufferings of the oven roast, confined under a lid and drowning in liquid - no more! And with the help of the Make It Beef Club's newest mini-mag, a roasting revival is on the horizon as more consumers discover just how easy roasting can be.

A roast of beef, although it may initially seem daunting, is a simple and convenient way to serve up a nutrient packed, flavourful meal. So easy in fact, it is child's play. As demonstrated in the latest MIB mini-mag, Tamara

(11 year old daughter of busy working mom Cynthia Cousins) helps mom out with dinner by putting the already seasoned roast in the oven after school and before homework. "It's not rocket science - it's a roast. And there's a bonus - mom makes some awesome wraps for my lunch with the leftovers," says Tamara. "Coming home knowing all that is left to be done is microwaving some baked potatoes and making a salad makes family dinners a pleasure and most importantly, possible," says mom Cynthia.

All issues of the BIC MIB Club mini-mag are available for download or hard copy from the BIC website ( Consumers can read all about the new oven roasting best practices, how to make tasty homemade gravy, learn about serving sizes and much more.


SEASON ROAST. Place, fat side up, on rack in shallow pan (no water is necessary). Insert oven-safe meat thermometer into centre of roast, avoiding fat or bone.

OVEN-SEAR* by placing uncovered (topless) roast in preheated 450F (230C) oven for 10 minutes. *(Not around to turn it down? Skip this step and roast at a constant 275F/140C).

REDUCE HEAT to 275F (140C). Cook to desired doneness, removing from oven when the roast is 5F (3C) below finished temperature (145F/63C for medium-rare, 160F/71C for medium to well-done).

Cover with foil and LET STAND for at least 15 minutes. Roasts can stand 20 to 30 minutes before carving into thin slices.



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