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December 2007 - Nr. 12


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Dick reports...

Dick Altermann at his computer

Annual Martini Dance

The Burgenländer Club held its annual Martini dance at the St. Peter & Paul Hall, and as expected, this event sold out again. About 450 revellers decided to attend this well loved celebration and the kitchen helpers had their hands full getting everyone fed and happy.

Full house
Full house

Preparing dinnerThe bar did not seem to be overworked this evening. This may have something to do with the fact that many of the guests are ‘conscientious’ drivers and kept their intake to a reasonable amount.

On the dance floor
Dancing to the Golden Keys On the dance floor
On the dance floor On the dance floor
On the dance floor On the dance floor
On the dance floor On the dance floor

The Golden KeysHowever, that did not prevent them from having a great time on the dance floor – not surprising, since the Golden Keys and their fantastic musical repertoire of familiar dance tunes kept them going. "Das ist der Rhythmus, bei dem man mit muss" said one of the more mature dancers when I asked him what kept him going - after he finished dancing the whole set of ‘In the Mood’ with his equally energetic partner.

The Alpine Dancers
The Alpine Dancers
The Alpine Dancers The Alpine Dancers
The Alpine Dancers

Rare entertainment was offered by the Alpine Dancers from the Alpine Club in Kitchener and brought to Toronto by Miss Lore Kump especially for this event. Their performances of The Pflanzeltstraditional folk dances was very well received by this appreciative audience, especially the newer dance routines.

The lucky winner of the two return-flights to Vienna – sponsored by Austrian Airlines and presented by Otto Novacovics & friendDon McMilliam – was Mr. Herbert Huber.

More wonderful door prizes were distributed by Otto Novacovics, President; Roy Perl, Vice-Erwin Huber gets a "thank you"President and radio host Erwin Huber.

Door-prices were sponsored by Husky Food, S&F Food, Brandt’s Meat, Ingeborg Shoes, H.H.D. Imports (Lenz Moser Wines).

One of the honorary guests were Dr. Karl Schmidt, Consul General of Austria, Gabriele Lenger from the Austrian Tourist Office and Christine Meyer, President of the Canadian Austrian Society.

The Stritzl party Angelika & Helmut Gschösser
The Stritzl party Angelika & Helmut Gschösser

The Tombola (Raffle) - organized by ‘Bernie’ Jandrisits - was quite a success and many of the winners walked away with surprisingly expensive items.

The club management also thanked the many volunteers and sponsors that helped to make the event so successful.

We have "Royalty" in our ranks again!

Carnivalists in and around Ontario were already afraid that they might never have another ‘Royal’ Couple again, since they had to go a long while without one. That was really took bad, since carnival is not really carnival without a Prince and a Princess - to give the events class and a little pomp and glory.

The soon-to-be Royal Couple marches in   [photo: Albert Koch]But the suffering is over, on November 17th the Narrenzunft Concordia in Kitchener, installed a new "Royal Couple" to the throne. His Foolishness Prince David I and her loveliness Princess Mona I from Tavistock were installed by Armin Hellmann, President of the BDKK, as the new reigning monarchs for this 2007-2008 season. With the ‘Hofstaat’ came Heidi – the couple’s daughter – as Hofdame, or ‘Lady in waiting’. (Don’t ask me what these ladies are always waiting for!)

The coronation of Prince David I.   [photo: Albert Koch]It was all done seriously and proper with saber on the shoulder of the new prince by Armin Hellmann, and proper introductions all around by MC Jürgen Budczinski, who had previous experience in this foolish endeavor.

The ceremony was witnessed by the rest of the attending guests, all carnival societies from Ontario. They were Treuer Husar, Mississauga, Lorelei Oshawa, Ascendia Hamilton, Ontario Prinzengarde, Narrhalla 58 Hamilton, Treuer Husar Toronto, Blau-Weiß Sarnia, and Narragonia Brantford.

First dance of the Royal Couple   [photo: Albert Koch]After the Prince’s 11 commandments the Kinder and Junior Garde of the Narrenzunft performed several dances, including a Funki solo for the new Royals. Well done!

Joe Lindlau did a super job again – as he has many times before - with entertaining the Mardi Gras guests. He was even able to get the "Kölsche Jungen" together for a good old sing-a-long. Ascendia Hamilton showed up with a new Dick & Doof skid. Great goofy fun, and very entertaining.

All in all it was a successful evening with dancing until the band "Variation" with Heinz Lindlau called it quits. It was the only way to get the revelers to leave the premises.

Alaaf and Helau

Dick Altermann (with help from Kitchener)


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