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December 2007 - Nr. 12


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Die Weihnachtsbäume
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This Christmas...
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Dick reports...
Santa at the Hansa Haus
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Dick reports...

Dick Altermann at his computer

Annual Christmas Party at the Hansa Haus

It was a full house again with only a few children less then last year. All age groups were represented. The ones that had been here last year immediately gravitated to the arts an crafts table and started to entertain themselves with painting, colouring and other handicrafts. I noticed a lot of them cooperating and working together – the older and wiser ones helping the younger generation!  Great!

handicrafts handicrafts
handicrafts handicrafts

A fan of the "Hauskapelle" Albert DittgenLots of traditional Christmas cake (Stollen) and lots of home-baked cookies were available on all the tables and coffee or tea was served to go along with these goodies, while the Hansa Club’s "Hauskapelle", Albert Dittgen, entertained with ‘Christmassy’ music from the decorated stage.

The Hansa ChoirThe event officially started with the wonderful seasonal renditions of the Hansa Choir under the direction of Brigitte Bogar, who is relatively new to the Hansa Choir and also directs a Swedish and a Danish choir.

The Hansa Choir with an added children's choirSome of the children and the audience were also invited to sing some of the familiar songs along with the choir, and seemed to enjoy that quite a bit.

Rainer Walter & Ekko Hildebrandt announce Santa's arrivalBut where was Santa? After the choir’s entertainment youngsters had settled themselves in front of his throne at the stage, jostling for the most advantageous spots, waiting for Santa Claus and his helpers.

When will he come? Santa's helpers
When will he come? Santa's helpers

Santa has arrivedHo – ho – ho! There he was with his favourite Elf and a number of carts full of presents. He sat down on his throne-like chair and the elf immediately started calling the names of the many children, one by one, that were to receive presents.

Presents from Santa
Presents from Santa Presents from Santa
Presents from Santa Presents from Santa
Presents from Santa Presents from Santa
Presents from Santa Presents from Santa

Some of the boxed presents were almost larger than the kids. A bag of Christmas chocolates, courtesy the Hansa Club, accompanied each of the presents.

The presents The presents
The presents The presents
The presents The presents
The presents The presents

As was to be expected, some of the presents were eagerly opened immediately and played with, where possible , even though the real "Christmas" is still a couple of weeks down the Santa, Elf and one of the more mature childrenroad. But it is hard for children to be that patient.

Thanks to the busy bees in the kitchen there was also the seasonal and traditional mulled wine (Glühwein) available at the bar. Another crowd-pleaser we grown-ups do not want to be without.

Allow me to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!

Dick Altermann


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