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 March 2010 - Nr. 3
Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern

As I’m writing this report, I can’t help but smile as I think back to the great time we had at our 2010 Karneval Dance on January 30th at Club Loreley. We had a lot of people, great food and great entertainment by the Euro Connection and great dancing by all four of our Dance groups who performed their new Funkengarde routines. It was decided this season that our youngest group the Kindertots would learn a version of a Funkengarde and they did so well. They look up to the older dancers and want to be part of it and as usual they put a smile on everyone’s face. The Seniors finished the performances off with their energetic, crowd pleasing Can Can. Many prizes were awarded for best costumes and I’m quite sure that the judges had a difficult time choosing the winners. Many thanks to our judges for a fun, yet difficult job. There seems to be more and more costumes every year and this year because of the upcoming Olympics a “Canada theme” was quite evident.

K.G. Loreley Dancers

This year we have a total of 45 dancers. What amazes me is that we have a total of 15 Seniors and there was a waiting list for both the Kindertots and Seniors this year. We must be doing something right! Having such great teachers, supportive parents and an extremely devoted dancer committee all contributes to our success. Please see our Club’s website for other pictures as well as the March issue of the SNAP magazine.

picture K.G. Loreley/Club Loreley
picture K.G. Loreley/Club Loreley picture K.G. Loreley/Club Loreley
picture K.G. Loreley/Club Loreley picture K.G. Loreley/Club Loreley
picture K.G. Loreley/Club Loreley picture K.G. Loreley/Club Loreley
picture K.G. Loreley/Club Loreley picture K.G. Loreley/Club Loreley

Unfortunately, fellow Karnevalist Clubs weren’t able to attend as K.G. Naragonia had their Karneval Dance on the same night in Brantford. Fortunately, Club Loreley has such devoted dancers, dancer families and our Club members are always so supportive so it was still almost a full house. Yes- Club Loreley is alive and kicking and we all could feel the positive vibes and energy throughout the night. What else could you ask for!

Thanks to Tom Henninger for being such a great Master of Ceremonies and yes - he was quite the Nutty Professor. To Gabriele and Ed Albrecht and Wanda Friedrich thanks for organizing tables and ticket sales and to Jacquie, Lisa, Eric, and Ed -special thanks for the great job decorating.

Our Dancers are looking forward to attending the Manoeverball Showcase in Brantford. April 24th and our Kindertots will perform the same night at Club Loreley for Heimat Abend.

Saturday May 8th is our Annual Youth Dancer Benefit dance.

Our grand finale will be our annual Fiesta Week performances. This is a week long event where Club Loreley is open to the public for great food and beer as well as showcasing our awesome dancer performances. It will start on Monday June Funkie21st through to Saturday June 26th. Please see our Club’s website for more details.

Our next Karneval Dance will be Saturday January 29th, 2011 so please mark it on your calendar as you won’t be disappointed.

Until then happy dancing,

Holly Henninger- K.G. Loreley President

Ps. Hope you like the pictures and please look on Club’s website for more ( )


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