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 May 2010 - Nr. 5

Mothers and daughters, mothers and sons,
Count themselves among the lucky ones.

Their bond being ever so sound,
Sweet love at home is always to be found.

From year to year, from day to day,
As dear and beautiful as the month of May.

Filled with joy and wondrous things,
So many riches to each this brings.

The knowing of having someone so close at hand,
Being loved for a lifetime, the feeling is altogether grand.

Mothers, daughters and sons are never far apart,
They hold a special place in one another’s heart.

A mother is one much beloved vision,
Celebrating Mother’s Day has become an annual tradition.

Copyright ©2010 Gwen Stuber
This page is reserved for poems, poetry, and poets. There are lots of poets in the German-Canadian community enriching us with poems and poetry.

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