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February 2011 - Nr. 2

Have you ever thought about the worth of a human being? This questions leads automatically to the next question: How much am I worth? What is my value? Some successful athletes insured each of their legs for 1 million dollars. And some surgeons insure their hands each for 5 million. And then we think about the worth of our brain and all the information that is saved and memorized in it and consequently we have to add a couple of millions more to our personal worth. Isn’t it a great feeling to understand that one’s own worth lies in the millions? Well, this idea might be satisfying for some of us. However, I have to admit that this joggling with numbers does not really help me. We have to remember that an item is only so much worth as someone is willing to pay for it. And when I think about my brain, I am not quite sure that I will find a buyer or that I even want to sell it! We recognize that a person’s worth must be defined by something else than money.

The Bible gives us a hint from which we can understand our real worth. One of the psalms says this: “I praise you because of the wonderful way you created me everything you do is marvelous! Of this I have no doubt.” This means that our worth as human beings comes directly from God who created us. There is no room for feelings of inferiority or moments of self-doubt. We may hold fast to the fact that we are God’s masterpiece! Again our worth and value does not come from our personal success or achievements but from God himself. Therefore the only question we have to answer is: What is the worth of God for me? Again we should not think in monetary dimensions. If my life and its worth come directly from God – wouldn’t it be a good idea to put this received life back into the hands of our creator? We do this by praying to God and trusting in Jesus the eternal Son of God.

Deutsche Evangeliumskirche

Deutsche Evangeliumskirche, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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