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August 2011 - Nr. 8

An old Indian story deals with a rich businessman who was famous for his wisdom and prudence. He had two sons and it was the country’s custom that one of these sons would be appointed the head of the family business after the father’s death. Finally the time came when the father had to make a decision since his sons were grown-ups and he had become old and weak.

The old father gathered his most faithful friends in the shade of a palm tree and then he summoned his sons. He gave ten five coins to each one of them and said to them in the presence of his friends: “My sons, the day is coming when I will appoint one of you the head of the family. Take this money. I know it is not much, however, I will find out if you are wise enough to receive the responsibility. It is the task of each of you to fill the great hall in our house from bottom to top with these five silver coins. The one who handles this task the wisest will become the head of our clan.”

The two sons left their father and the older one found his father’s labourers working in the sugar cane field. When he saw all the old canes that were already pressed he told the workers to bring these canes into the hall and fill it from bottom to top. After that he gave them the five silver coins and called his father to take a look at his accomplishment. The father was excited about his older son’s wisdom and his business efficiency. He was ready to hand over everything to this son. But one of his old faithful friends reminded him to wait for the second son. When the younger son arrived at the house he told the labourers to take all the old sugar cane out of the hall. When the room was empty he took a little candle, put it in the middle of the hall and with a match he lighted the fire. This little flame brought light into the dark room and filled the last corner with brightness. “This son is wiser!” said the old father. “His brother used all the money to bring useless garbage into the hall. But this one spent only a cupper coin to purchase a candle and some matches and he brought light into the room. He shall be the next head of our family!”

Dear readers, so many times we act like the older son. We spend all our money, our strength, our time and all our skills to fill our lives with worthless things. We only live for this world, for our own properties, for our honour, or for our pleasure. Well, at the same time we do not recognize that we act like the older brother and lose our heritage. Instead we should follow the idea of the younger son and fill our lives with light. And I certainly mean the light of God which is Jesus Christ. This will make us to heirs of the heavenly father.

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