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August 2011 - Nr. 8
Keeping the audience entertained

There is nothing like a picnic in the summer to bring the community together. The first one we attended was at the Hansa Club in Brampton. It was held in appreciation of all members that support the club throughout the year and there Robert Gutwein & Gerhard Fuellert address the membershipwas no charge for members. President Robert Gutwein praised all the volunteers and board members, named them and introduced them to the many folk that had shown up at this first appreciation BBQ on the year’s hottest day. Gerhard Fuellert, in charge of memberships, and his wife Karin worked especially hard to make this get-together happening.

President Robert Gutwein welcomes Helmut GschösserPeople were warmly invited to actively participate in the clubs affairs with advice on what should be happening in the club, what beverages should be stocked, what food to be available at festivities and so on. Volunteers are welcome in their field of choice, kitchen, bar, decorating, whatever…. There is always a lot to do in a club and all help is appreciated.

At the Hansa Club Picnic 
At the Hansa Club Picnic   At the Hansa Club Picnic
At the Hansa Club Picnic  At the Hansa Club Picnic 
At the Hansa Club Picnic  At the Hansa Club Picnic 

It was wonderful to see so many people in a relaxed atmosphere. The sun was glaring from a blue sky but umbrellas warded off the worst of it. When it got too hot for someone the cool inside was beckoning, where the bar was Keeping the guests entertainedopen and coffee, tee and cake, cookies and fruit were waiting.

Outside on the patio the BBQ as working overtime and sausages, potatoe salad and sauerkraut were offered as main fare. Delicious! Albert and John supplied the music and a good time was had by all.

2 founding DKK Ontario members, Gerry Meinzer and Sybille Forster-RentmeisterI sat mostly inside and met up with a lot of friends. We enjoyed the opportunity to reminisce with Gerry Meinzer about the glory days of the early German Canadian Congress, and catch up.

Lou Wegner & Gerry MeinzerIt was a wonderful idea to have this membership appreciation afternoon. It made even more of a tight community than it already was before.

The next and regular club picnic is happening August 14 at 1pm. We are all looking forward to it and hope to see those people we missed at the last one.

Remembrance Society Kitchener

The Anna Tuerr MemorialThe annual event of the German Canadian Remembrance society took again place at the Anna Tuerr Memorial in Mannheim, where the Klaus Koeppen led through the proceedings, as usual. The Concordia Choir opened with a musical number; Mayor Les Armstrong of Wilmot Township welcomed everyone, as did Toni Bergmeier, National President of the German Canadian Congress. There were greetings from MP Harold Albrecht, MPP Elizabeth Witmer and MPP Leeanna Pendergast.

Danuta Grigaitis delivered one of her heartfelt poems and Helene Schramek, President of the Remembrance Society, reiterated the purpose of the organization, which include the caring of the graves in such places as the Woodland Cemetery were so many German soldiers where interred, the planning and execution of the memorial service there in November on the occasion of Rememberance day of each year, which has its 40th anniversary this year, the festivities for Pioneers day and of course the memorial service at the Anna Tuerr Park.

Paul Tuerr enjoys the company of the picnic crowdAll participants and volunteers were warmly thanked. In appreciation there is always a picnic at the Tuerr Farm afterwards. Piller’s generously donates the meat and the Concordia Kitchen always does the potatoe salad. Helene Schramek and her father, Paul Tuerr welcomed all the guest and encouraged guests to a bit of a fund raising, which as always turned out to be quite successful.

At the Paul Tuerr Picnic   
 At the Paul Tuerr Picnic At the Paul Tuerr Picnic 
At the Paul Tuerr Picnic   At the Paul Tuerr Picnic
At the Paul Tuerr Picnic   
At the Paul Tuerr Picnic   At the Paul Tuerr Picnic

Alfred Lowrick, Helene Schramek and Werner SchlüterHere too people gathered to have a good time while doing something useful. Being useful does not mean seriousness and duty, but music and fun, as was provided by Danuta Grigaitis and Horst Beyerle. The event took place in the middle of the week and still people stuck around till 10pm, even though many of the 200 of them had to travel quite a distance to get home.

Like many others we regret not having been able to be there. Our invites arrived too late.

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

P.S.: All pictures for the Paul Tuerr Picnic were supplied by Julia Poje - member of the Remembrance Society Youth Group - representing the Alpine Club

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