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March 2008 - Nr. 3

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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader

Conversation subject number one is of course our beautiful weather, immediately after remarks about our government’s budget and any imminent threat to have the Conservatives gone for good etc., the Schreiber/ Mulroney affair and the Clinton/ Obama race in the US. I cannot say what amuses me most, but I do know that it is not the weather.

Potential glaciersThe ridiculous amounts of snow piling up as potential glaciers in my front and back yard have prevented us from attending numerous lovely festivities and events, like for instance Opera York’s offering of Don Giovanni and the President’s Ball in Kitchener.

It is poor consolation knowing that others shared the same plight. However, we did manage to attend a few lovely and interesting concerts and gatherings. There was Alicier Arts Chamber Music ensemble, always a new variety, a new theme and subject to throw a musical light on. This time it was a love theme, the darker side of it as was explained. Yet we did not find it dark at all, but illuminating and entertaining. We could only stay for half of the concert and did not get any photos this time, otherwise we could show you Kimberly Schemeit and her marry band of fellow musicians shine.

Their next offering takes place May 4th, 2008. To find out more go to .

Opera York was another weather situation that was overcome by the performers in admirable fashion. We could not even get out of our drive and apparently half the audience could not either, but that empty half of the theatre filled after the intermission. People simply persisted and dared to come anyway and give support to this incredibly hard working opera company, no matter what it took! Musicians also had a hard time getting there and some of them made it only in the last second, literally! That is dedication! Can you imagine a salesperson doing that, or dare I say it: a public servant?

Well, I must not be too harsh; the garbage collectors were very brave this winter, even if they were grouchy. I would not want their job for all the tea in China. (Hmnnn, maybe I should rethink that: the high hourly rate they make plus all the tea in china for resale on the world market…)

This brings me back to, well, the weather! Easter is on our doorstep and we shall have to likely enjoy it with the white stuff around. But perhaps we get lucky and March will go out like a lamb because the month came in like a lion. The Farmer’s Almanac has been known to be correct occasionally, even nowadays. Regardless, I am sure you have asked yourself how the Easter Bunny made its debut?

Everything you ever wanted to know about this unusual member of the calendar landscape can be found on the internet. While "googeling" I discovered a most interesting website: On this site you can find everything about any festivity you ever wanted to know, and certainly also about the Easter Bunny.

Hopefully we will not have to dig ourselves out of another mountain of snow and the promise of spring will be apparent as it is on our front page.

Have a Happy Easter

Until next time,
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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