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November 2002 - Nr. 11

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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader

Over the years I have created and accumulated quite e few November mementoes. Some of them you know about, like the St. Martin Legend and its interpretations. I did tell the story to the public at a Green Earth Festival in Toronto, and explained to the people how we in Germany celebrate in Christian, especially catholic regions, this saint for his good example.

I had always hoped that a church or organisation would pick up this wonderful; custom, and invite everyone to a parade with lanterns, preferably homemade. The year following a German School was founded in downtown Toronto, and picked up this wonderful custom, and the German Consulate was involved in the kick off. It was magical. A long procession of parents and children wound their way around the Admiral Road neighbourhood and thus a lot of people of non-German descent saw what we were doing. It generated a great deal of interest. People stopped us and asked what we were doing. They delighted in the idea and thought it wonderful. Even the policemen that handled the traffic for us were smiling!

The following last year saw the parade in another neighbourhood, namely near the Brunswick school complex, which was to be the new home of our German school. Unfortunately the deal fell through and this year there is no major parade in an organized way. The consulate does no longer get involved, probably because of security issues. A loosely organized gathering will assemble November 9th, (the actual St. Martin Holliday is November 11) at 17:30 at Kew Beach. If you feel like joining you are welcome, but you must be prepared, because this year there is nothing provided in a big way. Brandt and Dimpfelmeier are contributing as always, but otherwise it is a bit of a potluck situation, I am told. I certainly want to be there!

For many years I have relied on two cameras to do the job I need them for, a Minolta 7000 and a Mini Leica, which I loved dearly, but lost at Queens Park. Of course it never was returned. Have you ever heard a government return anything? (Joke!)

Lately I had some trouble with my versatile Minolta and it was time to look at something new. Leica was defiantly a favourite and we decided to take the plunge.

In the interest of the paper we decided on the new and incredibly fabulous digital version by the famous company. So far we have had no complains. The pictures come out truly amazing. Judge for your self. They are easy to handle for basic purposes. One does not have to be a computer genius. I certainly am not. But I can take great pictures with this marvel of German technology. If you are in the market for something new and modern, this is my choice DIGILUX 1.

First snowThis month’s November offering is about the first snow we had on the first day if this month. I took many photos with the new Leica. Flowers and trees covered with a sprinkling of the white stuff looked particularly petty. On the front page you find past recollections of St. Martin parade in Toronto. In the meantime I am fighting to hang on to my Geraniums, as every year. I can report that I even saved some impatience from the inevitable frost death on my porch. But of course, most of them unfortunately were not protected and very early on looked like cooked spinach.

I also want to report that an old buddy of ours and a past president of the German Canadian Congress, Norbert Kuest and his wife Rosie, migrated back to Germany. They ran a printing business, which we have taken over. So if you need business forms/cards and other printable stuff designed and printed phone us up. We would love to serve you!

From now till Christmas we will be attending a lot of Christmas fairs, most of which are advertised in this issue. I hope you partake in this lovely and festive tradition if you live in the respective vicinities.

See you there

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

PS.: Sybille’s Poetry "November"


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