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 September 2008 - Nr. 9
The edior: Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

Dear Reader

The summer went too fast, if you ask me. We had only 2 days at the beach because it was only two times 30 degrees Celsius or warmer. That is what you need to be warm on top of a dune. Anything under that makes the wind too cold. However, there was plenty of diversion in and around town and we never had a dull moment. The other benefit was the low hydro bill because the air conditioner could stay off. A fan did just nicely. Thus we did something without trying to lower the demand on energy, reducing our bill by over 35% from last year at the same time!

Watering the garden was not much of a problem either. I cannot remember one year in the last 40 that the lawns were still green in August! But all that rain caused excess humidity and some problems in the basement. We even heard of flooding basements in downtown Toronto. Living on the first major escarpment saved us from that fate.

We truly hope that you had a pleasant summer and we are looking forward to sharing our community news with you.

Farewell to Dr. Arpad Sölter: f.l.t.r.: Sonja Griegoschewski, Beate Sölter, Dr. Arpad Sölter, Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Holger Raasch & Mrs. RaaschIn this issue we can report a change of address to a couple of our important entities, local picnics, start of a financial series and the beginning of our immigration stories, which reminds me: You can still participate in that. It does not have to be a long story. We are mainly interested in hearing what your first impressions where when you came to Canada and why and how you arrived. If you require help in formulating your story, please feel free to ask us at Echo Germanica. We will arrange for someone to help you with the concept and the editing and even with the writing. If you do not want to put your name to it, that is fine too, as long as we know who you are. We will keep it confidential.

We also have a good result from our question to you in regards to our front page. We asked you if you are happy with our image on the front page or if you rather have news on it. The answers were overwhelmingly:

"Stay with the beautiful photos, we do not need more bad news, or any news. There is enough of that out there."

"They (the photos)are refreshing and different. Echo Germanica is always on top of the pile because of it in our house!"

"Don’t change anything, inside or outside!"

I am happy to hear that we are pleasing our reading public while we are sticking to our believe that a publication can also be an alternative to mainstream literature in the way it looks, not only what the content is.

Every once in a while we get a request to publish searches for a lost family member. We are considering doing it on the Internet only, but for that to happen, the text needs to be clearly written and not require any editing. We simply have not got the staff to do it for everybody.

If you have other ideas that are a bit different from what other publications are doing, please feel free to communicate them to us. We will certainly consider them in an effort to please you even more.

Since Oktoberfests are on the calendar nearly everywhere in the next 2 month I am sure we will meet a lot of you around the community very soon!

Or perhaps we see you on the bus that the Goethe Institute is filling with people to go to opening night of Emilia Galotti in Stratford. You really should try to see this fantastic production from Germany- in German! It runs from November 6-9.

I am sure you know that the Toronto International Film Festival is in town and over 30 German Films or co-productions are on the agenda. A concert with well-known German singers is also coming up next month. Soon there will be also the German Pioneer Day celebrations. As you can see, the German culture is well represented all around and you are invited to participate! You can visit the website of the Goethe Institute or the one of the Consulate General. There is lots of information as to activities including or pertaining to German roots. Both also have a newsletter you can subscribe to.

Until then, here, there, and everywhere!
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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