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August 2003 - Nr. 8


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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader

It was earlier this year that I heard with great disappointment that there would not be a German Day at the CNE. The powers that are had decided to do something else, or so we were told. Then I learned that the Canadian National Exhibition is celebrating a 125th Anniversary. Without us? I inquired and could not get any answers.

It appears that it is still Canada’s best-kept secret that people of Germanic descent have shaped this country for over 350 years and in all likelihood they were part of the CNE too. It is a good thing that we are good humoured and know who we are. Thus we feel that we can celebrate this fine event together with the CNE and the rest of Ontario and Canada simply by recounting just the contributions we made in very recent times at the CNE; and hopefully we are making a comeback next year! Our German Alpine Days for the last couple of years were the most successful next to the Russian events, or so I was told last year. They certainly were professionally planned and performed.

As we learn more about the program after our August issue is out I can only refer you to other mainstream publications and the Internet for more information on the subject. Go to www.theex.com and find the entire program, including an archive telling us the historic facts about the CNE.

My own history with the CNE starts way back when I was young and …, well, you know… I participated for many years in the annual CNE fashion shows in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. These were gruelling all day events with a dozen different shows. Each one had a different choreography and we had to sing and dance as well.

Of course prior to the last 2 German Days we already had all day performances at the so-called Community Stage, next to the Food Building in the mid nineties.

I can remember many other events, including Chin Picnics and Oktoberfest occasions, also Musikanten Stadl, where the German Community was a big player on those fair grounds. I also recall that I introduced " The Russians on Broadway" during the CNE over 10 years ago. I was their Master of Ceremonies and did other jobs like that during the festivities over the years. I know of many more events when German organisations put on shows or participated on the grounds of the CNE over the 35 years I have been in Canada. And it stands to reason that we as a group have always been there in some way or another.

Sybille with Uno ViifreWhen we recently attended the "Lachfest" at the Danube Swabian Club a gentleman approached me and offered two yellow folders with photos from last years CNE Alpine Fest. Uno Viifre used to live in Scarborough and resides now in Burlington. He was so enthusiastic about that special day at the CNE, he had shot many really great photographs, which he now presented to me for Gabi Schick and myself. We thank him lots and lots. And Uno, we too are sad that there is no German Day at the Ex this year. Let us all keep our fingers crossed so we can be back next year!

We thank our many sponsors who made it possible to congratulate the CNE on its 125th Anniversary. May the grand old dame of midways and entertainment live on forever!

Enjoy what is left of the summer, and let us hope for a long, warm and colourful fall. We see you around the CNE and other venues in the community!

Until then

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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