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October 2011 - Nr. 10
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

Hard to believe that Oktoberfests have mostly come and gone, except of course for the big one in Kitchener. This is much fun, especially when you live in or around the area. I just read that a 3 thousand dollar prize can be won in a treasure hunt, but for that you have to read the local daily newspaper and follow the clues. We stopped by a few traditional outlets to report for you.

Besides the many different Oktoberfest celebrations the mainstream offered all sorts of Street Festivals and we also stopped by a couple of those for you.

Word on the Street... photo: Bob SandboAt Queens Park the popular “Word on the Street” turned out to be another smash hit. Here authors and publishers can meet their readership and mingle in a friendly atmosphere, keeping the reading of printed material popular. When you go to this event you surely think that a real book is not a thing of the past, yet.

But what is really exciting is that the next season is offering a few choice art events that you don’t want to miss. Opera York is bringing us Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. I cannot count any more how often I have seen or heard this dramatic yet romantic opera. Every time when it comes to the Geisha singing the song about the ship that will come and bring back her love I cry. Perhaps it is because I know his ship will come but he will not come for her. Actually I have seen several evolutions of the plot. Each Director dramatizes the end in a different version, but Butterfly always dies in the end, mostly by committing Hara-kiri.

I am most interested to see Opera York’s version of this opera, considered number 8 in the annals of most popular works. You can book your tickets for either November 3 or 5 at 8pm at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts by calling 905-787-8811.

The other season about to start, which I would like to recommend is Via Salzburg’s first concert, now in a new venue. The orchestra moved from the Glenn Gould Studio to the Rosedale United Church on 159 Roxborough Dr. Go to for more info.

Of course there are a few important dates on the German Canadian calendar, like Pioneers Day on the 11th of this month, one day after Thanksgiving. For the first time we have a full ceremony of that day at Queen’s Park in Toronto at noon and later in the day at 5pm Kitchener is hosting again a full festive ceremony at City Hall.

Those are only a few events I want to draw your attention to, just to whet your appetite for a wonderful socially and culturally diverse season.

By the time you read this we likely will have a different Ontario government or we stay the course with the same team of the last 8 years. What the outcome will be is really anyone’s guess.

I hope to see you at many different events and wish you a colorful autumn.

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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