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November, 2004 - Nr. 11


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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader,

There is a lot to say this time. So many events, so many festivities to go to, and so much bad weather. Well, it was not really that bad, autumn had to come eventually, how else would we be able to enjoy the Martini dance, Martin’s goose dinner, or the St. Martin’s Lantern procession. The German School Toronto is putting it on again this year, as they have in the past, but unfortunately I have not been able to determine exactly when and where it takes place. I do know that it is meant for past and present students of the school, and 2 weeks ago 130 people had already confirmed. I did however never get my question answered on where and when it takes place. I guess the fundraising ball took up all the available attention units and the dollars were so many that counting them did not leave any room for basic communication.

Which brings me to the annual German Gala Ball. I recall a time when it was much more fun; I just don’t know if I have changed or did the ball change?

Some of you asked me about the young people writing for Echo Germanica. The Kuehn sisters, Elizabeth and Caroline, appear to be a bit too busy with their lives to write regularly and I am looking for more "youngsters" to fill the void and expand on the theme.

Rachel is wonderfully committed and her contributions are much appreciated for her thoughtfulness and caring. Martin is still writing to his mom, which is hopefully an encouragement for other fellows to do the same!

You might have noticed that we broke the ethnic barrier in true Canadian fashion by inviting Darren McKague who writes to us from the locker-room. The response has been great! A lot more press releases concerning sports are arriving…. Eventually this might influence the content of Echo Germanica.

Alexander Oolo has disappeared into the wild blue yonder. Last he was seen in a Frankfurt (Germany) shopping mall dressed as Santa Claus, over a year ago, posing with some skating folks from an ice revue. He is probably re-rooting in good old Germany. Perhaps he got carried away by some elves to the North Pole.

Fall in the city

Speaking about Christmas and such: I hope you come and visit us in the Danube Swabian Club, where we will be presenting some interesting items, ideal for gift giving. In true Echo G. fashion there will be arts and crafty things as well as those that are more than just good to look at, meaning some wonderful practical items as well.

But most important: come and fill out a ballet and have a chance at winning one of a few cool prizes!

We want to start a "Kinder-Seite". In this issue we start with the first part of a very special story, written some time ago by Ella Bobrow. It is a fairy tale in verse form, in German: "Die drei tapferen Schneeflocken", and we recommend you keep the first instalment until you have all three to read to your children and grandchildren. The story has in the past successfully been performed in local German schools and I recall even writing a review about it way back when I was writing for the Kanada Kurier.

This and many other wonderful works in German are Ella Bobrows contribution to our community. She was born on the 12th of December in 1911 in the Ukraine, and has written many works in many languages. We thank her for her gift!

Christmas is indeed just around the corner and the actual parties and concerts are being offered will all assist us in getting into the mood. To find he right gift for a special friend is half the fun, unless of course you make something unique yourself. If you are like I am, then you do not have that much time to make things anymore and rely on opportunities such as the Christmas market in Newmarket’s Tannery, the one in the Danube Swabian Club or the Christkindl Market in Kitchener. The sights and sounds of these markets are irreplaceable by shopping malls.

I hope to see you there…. To get into the mood!

As always

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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