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 February - Nr. 2
The edior: Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

Dear Reader

This issue does not have a theme as we usually seem to have. This issue is about nothing in particular, because the Carnival that used to be the emphasis of February is not what it used to be in the past. I myself have not been to a Carnival event in a while and am likely not to go again, as are many of my contemporaries. The old fools are just that, old fools, more comfortable at home. The young fools abandoned ship long before they could become firmly hooked on this frivolity. Winter Carnival Canadian style is more their cup of tea, pond hockey and skating, skiing and ski doing, not to forget the inviting activities of après ski.

The weather certainly is partially playing along, not in the very south of Ontario, where January brought a meltdown, not in Olympia country out west either, no problem- they have solutions, but in the traditional winter sports arenas of our neighbors in Quebec and more to the north of Toronto conditions for wintery sports and delights were satisfactory.

What Toronto thought were the early signs of spring turned out to be a foolish notion, because winter did catch up with us and an arctic freeze caught us by surprise. Birds and animals nervously scuttled around looking for extra food. In my garden the supply of peanuts, grapes and seeds, bread and other leftovers needed constantly to be replenished. Snow accumulations were negligible, a good thing, no one loves to shovel snow, especially when you are getting older.

I noticed that the travel commercials spoke of cabin fever. I think I got a bit of that, but unfortunately had no opportunity to get away to the south. Unless it is for a bit longer than a week I would not be interested in setting my body up for such a cold shock on my return. But in my observation I find people that do not get away are behaving a bit strange at times, including me. I think the lack of Vitamin D is showing. Good thing you can get it in a bottle and it is not even expensive. Think of all the money saved.

But back to our issue: I hope you will enjoy ultimately to go to our website and look at other articles then the ones in the paper. We welcome Paul-Bernhard Berghorn back with a most interesting study on human behavior, the one that deals with money and greed. It is a bit too long to print, but I did not want to deprive our interested readers from his point of view. I think he hits the nail, or in this case the nails - a whole lot of them - right on the head. I understand that the online version is always a bit later in being delivered to the net than our paper version, but I know you come and visit often for updates of current issues and special categories like our human rights or environmental entries.

February will invite you to lots of indoor activities like Via Salzburg and Opera York, Tafelmusik and activities like the only true ball left in our ranks, the Austrian Gala Ball, and also the Princess Ball in the Danube Swabian Club. The latter is a most worthy cause to support, as our young people struggle to keep their heritage intact and vibrant.

I want to thank so many of you who lately called and let me know how much you appreciate Echo Germanica as it addresses issues not found in other publications and is largely written in English , which enables a lot of spouses to understand their partners heritage and culture. I have always known that there is a need to build that bridge into other communities and generations, and as we are entering soon our third decade of publishing, we shall continue to do so.

I hope we all enjoy the Olympic Games on Canadian soil. May all our athletes do well and be part of an unforgettable world event!

Happy Valentine’s Day
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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