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September 2010 - Nr. 9
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

Clearly, this summer was awesome. Despite record breaking precipitation numbers we did not notice the wetness. All we did feel was the warmth. I often wondered why the lawns did not burn and why the plants and flowers grew to such extraordinary heights and it never occurred to me that it was the rainfalls at night that we did not register, as well as the not too hot days, with a few exceptions of course.

My jungleMy front garden developed into a jungle that I could not tame. Cosmos tangled with tall Prairie Grasses and Morning Glory clinging to them, intermingled with Gladiolas, earlier huge Margaritas, and Dahlias, Cannas and other amazing flowers. Butterflies love it and so do all the cats of the neighborhood, who find ideal hiding places underneath the dense foliage on the cool ground.

Despite a sudden heat wave it did start to feel a bit like fall at night, but it still does not look like it. Only the rain and a full pear tree remind me that autumn is imminent, as are blue jays who appear to have started to migrate south. After visits to the beach and the picnics and festivities of summer we are looking forward to a glorious harvest and indoor activities like concerts and plays. This month the International Film Festival is keeping Toronto busy and on the Ward’s Island one of our occasional contributors in photography, Bob Sandbo is having a photo exhibit in the local café, giving opportunity for a visit before the weather turns too cool to enjoy the waterfront.

We are observing the campaigning of the Mayor’s candidates, which just now is quieted down a bit after a racy start. No doubt it will become a bitter fight in the end, despite the earlier mudslinging that we already were made aware of.

The last weekend before school starts is our traditional visit to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) with its famous Air Show. I could not go personally this year but read with excitement Dick Altermann’s account and inspected Rolf Rentmeister’s fantastic photos, looking out for my favorites: Viper and Snowbirds. I did see glimpses of them from my window at home, I am glad to say. Nothing excites me quite like a powerful F16 Viper hurling itself across the sky in daredevil flight. The snowbirds of course are simply magic, no matter what they do up there. When I watch them I forget to breath.

I hope you enjoy the exploits of Echo Germanica’s team as much as we enjoyed visiting the many places so we could report on it for you.

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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