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March 2011 - Nr. 3
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

February was no surprise as far as Old Man Winter was concerned. He showed up as expected with snow and ice and hefty winds. I felt so fortunate to have a cozy and comfortable home to live in. We only ventured out when we had to and for special events, some of which we canceled because of the weather. Nevertheless, we managed to take in some, like a costume ball as you can see on our front page. When it comes to our young people we feel that we must make a special effort, especially when they come and participate in our old customs. FunkenmarieThe Carnival season is not much to behold any more in our ranks. The old fools have all but a few gone to the big “Buetten”-Barrel in the sky, leaving us behind shrinking in numbers. Every year it is a bit worse. I actually think we have seen the last of some of the events in some locations. We do hope though that clubs like the Club Loreley in Oshawa continue with their many youngsters.

In this issue there are two reports, one on a “Kappen-Abend” in the Hansa Club and the Children’s Costume Ball in the Danube Swabian Club.

We missed a few concerts and theater performances, however we did manage the classical concert in the Hansa Club and Opera York’s fabulous Mozart presentation of Cosi fan tutte.

Another traditional and classic event was the Austrian Society’s annual Gala Ball. This event is especially important since the German Gala is basically no longer in existence. The culinary escape last year did not make that many friends and it is unknown at this point if a return to a traditional ball is planned.

Kaerntner Doppelsextett visiting South AfricaWe heard from our friends the Kärntner Doppelsextett, who went to South Africa for a little concert tour. We remember them well from their visit to Canada. Besides bringing their charming national sounds to the world they also keep up with another old fashioned habit: They write postcards, not just email! What a joy! I keep them on the fridge for as long as there is room.

Other than that I have not much to report. Perhaps it should be mentioned that besides many in our community there were two very well known personas that left us forever: Rosemary Meier from the Deutsche Press and Mr. Dimpflmeier Sr. of the bakery that carries his name. We offer our sincere condolences to the families.

Like you I am awaiting spring and hope this wonderful season to be just around the corner. I already have stocked up on annual bulbs like gladiolas and chrysanthemums. My choice for this year is pink white and purple.

Are you ready? If not, Canada Blooms starts in a few days.

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

As the editor of Echo Germanica Sybille reflects on cultural, artistic, political and daily events within the German-Canadian landscape.

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