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May 2011 - Nr. 5
Lucile de Saint-Andre

Gerard Depardieu, who used to project a vital manly image as a young romantic actor, has lost none of his appeal and art as one of the cinema’s great, even as many of us he has grown old and hefty, in his portrayal of 60-year-old Serge in quest of his pension. He gets fine support from his co-actors Yolande Moreau, Benoit Poelvoorde, Anna Mouglalis and Isabelle Adjani.

That’s the subject of his film, Mammuth, (the name of his motorbike) at the recent Cinefranco 2011 Film Festival now held at the new Tiff Bell Lightbox.

Serge is pensioned off but cannot collect because he’s missing documents from past jobs. His wife suggests, strongly, indeed, he go get these missing papers instead of hanging around the house and getting underfoot so he sets out on his trusty 1970 motorbike, Mammouth, and has various encounters with his past. Some are vexatious, some are hilarious and some deeply satisfying as if a man is presented with a synopsis of his whole life and has to consider his many past mistakes and a few wise things he committed, even accidentally.

In the course of these transactions Serge is at first confused, even shocked, but when the smokes clears he begins to summarize his life and comes to a deeper understanding of what he is all about and grows up. In the end he gives up his beloved motorbike and returns to a wife he now realizes he loves deeply.

Lucile de Saint-Andre reports about film festivals, art, entertainment, museum, exhibitions & travel. She writes her own reviews. She is a successful writer with published books.

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