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May 2011 - Nr. 5

Since ever the beginning
As we sensed each other,
The first loving touch, the very first care -
Was that of my dear Mother.

The very first steps into the journey of life
Where guided by her hand;
And then we had to say fare-well
Sailing on - to a distant land.

So many joys, so many pains
Ever since we've shared;
Although she now has travelled on -
I'll always know she cared.

A loving thank you, to all Mothers
In a very special way
We'd like to wish the best, the dearest -
A very happy Mothers Day.

Copyright ©2011 Danuta Grigaitis

Es gibt viele Poeten, Dichter in der deutschkanadischen Gemeinde, die uns mit ihren Gedichten und ihrer Poetrie bereichern.

Danuta Grigaitis, Gedichte, Poeten, Poetrie, Dichter, deutschkanadisch, deutsch-kanadisch, Ontario, Kanada

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