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November 2011 - Nr. 11
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

Thanksgiving is behind us and so is the German Pioneers Day that saw an official celebration in Toronto at Queen’s Park for the first time, including a Flag raising ceremony, with which we were already familiar. Chris Klein of the Historical Society of Mecklenburg Upper Canada covered the Toronto event, while I will report on Kitchener, where this year’s celebration was as grand as ever.

Raising the German flag at Queen's ParkA new private International German School is to be build, with a totally green concept financed with local money. Nothing for Otto Normalverbraucher, this one is solely for people with a bottomless amount of money to send their kids to a school that will put them into an elite class system, sort of like the idea of our Upper Canada College. This idea, pushed forward by the Consulate General in Toronto has caused a bit of a conversation, pro and con. No matter what anyone thinks, it is a project that will be going on and hopefully be finished for the most part next summer to accommodate its 58 students. Once it is properly established it hopes to attract more students, and as the school fills up the tuitions might even drop a bit.

We went to the first concerts of the season, like Via Salzburg’s first one in the new venue of Rosedale United Church and we are looking forward to more music there, because the sound is superb.

The Toronto Symphony always had marvelous concerts and I went to hear a concert with Stravinsky, Mozart and Rachmaninoff that knocked my sox off and now we are looking forward to Opera York’s offering of Madame Butterfly.

We also attended an afternoon of German Lieder in the Hansa Club which was rather delightful.

Now our attention can be placed on the coming events of the season, which is, you guessed it, Christmas. Many stores have already all their Christmas decorations done to entice shoppers to get that special feeling that makes us want to buy something nice for someone nice. There are many ways of doing it and we personally love to go to Christmas Bazaars. Watch out for the one in your church or club, like the Danube Swabian Club in Scarborough, or the by now famous one in Kitchener. Most of them start already in November. So make sure you have the dates correct. Check the ads.

All the things you cannot get at our traditional markets you surely will find in plenty supply elsewhere and I understand that some great bargains are to be had this year. Retailers are up for it after a not so hot shopping year. One thing is of course essential, the right wine with all that fabulous food we all will no doubt indulge in. I am looking forward to my yearly treat of champagne. I love the one Reif produces; it has such marvelous tiny carbonated bubbles. The other Sekt I adore is very rare and usually hard to come by, mostly just once a year and that is the Krim Sekt from the Ukraine. The red one especially has stolen my heart. Get it at the LCBO before they run out!

I hope to see lots of you at all our favorite happenings and wish you a merry pre-Christmas season.

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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