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February 2012 - Nr. 2
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

If you live in and around Toronto you have forgotten what a real winter looks and feels like. So that you might count your blessings in lower utility bills and comfort we decided to remind you with our front page what real winter looks like. These icy flowers grew not too many winters ago on our hall window and invited us to record their beauty for a later date to admire. Voila!

And as we are looking forward to a short season with little ice and snow, we are celebrating Karneval/Carnival, Mardi Gras, or whatever you want to call it. Perhaps there are not as many organisations putting up their own events, there still are a few pockets of vigorous participants, K.G. Loreley Oshawa being one of them. We are fortunate enough to hear about this lively festivity straight from the “horse’s mouth”, namely it’s President Holly Henninger.

We appreciate if the community participates in creating this publication, so that others might know what we do as a cultural entity in Canada. It is a great help to us.

February traditionally also is a month for music, starting with a classical concert at the Hansa House and a via Salzburg concert in Rosedale. Music is also the theme at the annual Austrian Ball at the Delta Chelsea Inn, which will be followed by the opening of Die Fledermaus at Opera York and Toronto Operetta Theater’s celebration of the founding of York with a professional world premiere of TAPTOO. (See ads and preview announcements). It will be interesting to watch if the production includes the German contributions to this event. We know it is Canada’s best kept historical secret.

As you can see, there is a lot to do on the still dark wintery nights to lift our spirits and prepare us for spring. We have already been to a few events that are the hallmark of this season and will attend more and report on them as we always do.

Dick, otherwise known as Dr. Richard AltermannOne occasion was of course the wake of our friend and partner Richard Altermann, which the President and Board of Directors together with the Women’s Auxiliary of the Hansa Club organised. We are very grateful and thank them.

The next issue will have a few entries with Austrian colours in it. In this issue we will only mention the open New Year’s House at the Consulate General of Austria at the end of January and a preview of other Austrian events like the annual ball. The Danube Swabians in Scarborough are also planning a gala in March not to be missed with more fabulous Austrian operetta music. Guest star is our own beloved Ursula Ivonoffski. This is a fund raiser and thus important to support, as it will help enable the club to continually further our German culture.

Hopefully we see you at some of the events like the Jaeger Ball or the Valentines events or the Kindermaskenball at the Danube Swabian Club. They also have a famous Gypsy band coming and are preparing a fabulous Winterfest in early March.

Stay warm!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

As the editor of Echo Germanica Sybille reflects on cultural, artistic, political and daily events within the German-Canadian landscape.

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